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10 Reasons why your Facebook ads aren’t working and how the ROI can be better doing it organically

People think that if they spend thousands of dollars on Facebook ads they are going to generate income. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, and this is why.

1 – People are targeting everyone. You are targeting everyone with a pulse. Yes, your add is being seen, but by EVERYONE on Facebook. What percentage of those people are your target market? I always you the example of selling dog toys, if you are putting the add out there in front of everyone some people may not have pets or be allergic to them so that is a wasted view.

2 – You are targeting the wrong audience. You don’t understand your target client so you are not communicating yourself properly. Use insights to understand and evaluate your audience objectively. For example, if you are selling natural products, yes, hippies use them, but do hippies have the money to pay for them?

3- Your hook is wrong. The hook is the first bit of content that grabs you. The bait is the body, what is in it for them, how you have touched them – there has to be a desirable offer to gram them. If you don’t have the right hook and bait you are wasting your money, they have scrolled passed.

4- Call to action. How are you going to Call to Action that ad?  Where are you taking them to?  A Sales page. A website, landing page, Facebook page? is it one click or 10 clicks. It needs to be super simple and easy to keep that as a lead.

5 – Nurture sequence, once they have shown interest you need to keep giving them more and more value. Have a series of emails sent our regularly to nurture your new lead.  You could show success stories, testimonials etc., touch them in all the places that they need to be touched to get the sale.

6- Pixels. The Facebook pixel is code that you place on your website. It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimise ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and re-market to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website. They are like mini stalkers. It is great to have one but if you are not going to monitor it you are wasting your time.

7 – Retarget, this is super important. Follow up on those leads. Monitor your audience and target them again to touch them again.

8 – Email retargeting – You can monitor who is opening the emails that you send and you can see what they are interested in and you can press on that. Your Facebook ad needs to capture email addresses, offer a 10% discount on their first purchase to entice them to subscribe to you. It will be worth offering a discount to get the sale as appose to not getting the sale and not getting an email address.

9- Split testing – that is simply a matter of taking all the data, the little pixels and all the information you have gathered. You put a little bit of money on a few different ads in different places and see which one does better and then only when you have found the ideal id and location then put money on it.

10- ROI – Return of investment. This is so important. If it is not working then don’t keep doing it. If you are generating sales from your FB add then great, but if you are not, stop wasting your money. For example, all the gyms at the moment are having their 8-week challenge so they are all advertising the same thing but the bigger guys can throw more money at it as appose to the little guys so obviously the big guy’s ads are going to be seen more than the little guys. So is it honestly worth it?

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