chantal gerardy 10 Steps to a Less Stressful Business

10 Steps to a Less Stressful Business

10 Steps to a Less Stressful Business
Say Sorry (and mean it) when needed!

Even if you are just sorry they didn’t see it your way. Still, be sorry they got upset. It’s ok we all think differently.

Say NO!

When you are fully aware of your non-negotiable values and what your true purpose is, it makes it really easy to NOT compromise and say NO when it’s not in alignment and would steer you off course.

Ask for HELP!

I like to think I can do everything. But how I can help so many more people, is when I admit I can’t do everything (well not properly at least) and I ask for help. In fact, I end up enjoying it more plus I seem to learn so much more.

Get Expert Advice!

I like to be able to at least understand how everything in my business works. And if that means finding someone who is better skilled than me to properly implement it, and watching over their shoulder, then so be it. But I need to at all times, at least know how to fix / analysis it. So I work with experts who are happy to teach me along the way.

Get to LOVE Mistakes.

Every mistake I make is a learning opportunity to grow. So get excited when it happens. Its how we bounce back that defines us.

Work by priority!

This is a big one! Don’t do the things YOU enjoy doing first, but do the things first that will best help you with progress…. and that usually means the SHITTY HARD STUFF! But with progress, comes more $$$ , more simplified systems and guess what….. PROGRESS. This also nips procrastination right in the bud.


This has been a hard one, as the balance is truly important to me, but whilst 2 businesses have drastically developed over the year, the struggle for balance has been real! I have tried to stick to my 4 days per week training (even some days where seriously a drag – I still showed up) I have prioritised my sleep 7hrs/night, drinking water, reducing coffee and alcohol (ok – I did try) and eating 3 decent meals a day. I am proud to say that when on holiday, I am still able to generate leads and sales by scheduling my content strategically beforehand and limiting my facebook to only 20min per day. I know self-care and better balance is super important for productivity and for prevention of burn out.

Behave like you want to be!

I don’t like the word act, because it shouldn’t be an act! Know yourself, your standards, and values and understand the direction you are moving towards, and stay true to it.


Review, Reflect and Respond. Take time weekly to Analysis everything you do/ every aspect of your business and finances, why and how it worked (or didn’t) and then be pliable. This is HUGE and really helps productivity and efficiency. ie. Smarter working.

MY FAV!!!!!

Say thx and Show Gratitude! WOW, this is HUGE! I can say without hesitation that the people I chose to have in my life, around my business and share my time with, I am so grateful for! They come first in everything, and without them, I would not have daily joy and satisfaction running through my veins. I sing your praises not to raise you up, but to show you all my love, gratitude and appreciation for the lovely souls you are. I am truly blessed that you keep me around lol. (you all know who you are). We are only as good as the people we have around us.

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