10 Ways to grow your audience

Find below my top 10 ways to grow your audience
  • Invite your friends to be a fan on your page. On your personal profile, they are friends, on your business page, they are a fan.   On the right-hand side of your page, you will see the block to invite friends, Facebook will then send them a notification. With all these new fans you need to keep them interested and coming back so it is important to keep your content engaging – there has to be a benefit for them to like your page and keep returning.
  • At least once a week go through the likes and comments on your posts and invite anyone who has engaged in your post but does not already like your page. Facebook prevents you from doing more than about 10 per day so whenever you get a chance do a few.
  • Engage in your ideal client’s pages. Like their pages and engage in their posts.   By doing this you are getting your face out there and you will be at the forefront of their mind when they need your product or service or hear of someone who may be interested.
  • Collaborations – link up with like-minded individuals and businesses so that you can use each other to promote your businesses. I.e. Crystal healing and Kinesiology – they are services that would attract the same group of people – a symbiosis.
  • If your products or services complement each other share each other’s pages and invite your fans to like each other pages.   You can do lives on each other’s pages and share each other’s posts and links. Your reach will be doubled.
  • Get your page in front of the right people – keep your links handy and be ready to share then as soon as an opportunity arises. I keep the URL links for all my pages in my notes on my cellphone so they are handy to copy and past in an instant.   Many groups have a day a week for marketing or sharing. Make sure it is within the group rules before you share your links – you may need permission.  You do not want to annoy people by sharing your page too often – be selective and share in the right places at the right time.   Don’t just share the link, put a little pitch with it – a little right up to whet their appetite.  Troll the group for people looking for your products and services. You can use the search engine and search for keywords, i.e. crystals.  Interestingly you get more leads from people reading the comments than you do from the original pitch – engage with people interested in what you have.  If you are adding value to a group you will be in the forefront of their minds.   If the rules prevent you from sharing your URL you can still add value and interested parties will be able to click on your name and see what you do and like your page.  This is why your personal profile needs to be up to date.
  • Newsletters – have your website and Facebook URL’s linked to your Newsletters – make it simple for people to click on the Website or Facebook logo to be directed straight to your page.  Constantly ask people “ have you liked my Facebook page?’ You need to ask, have the Facebook icon on your email header so that people can click on it and instantly like your Facebook page.
  • Offer them an incentive ‘hey, like my Facebook page, I offer free training and advice to my fans’.
  • Networking groups – join as many of these as you can. These groups allow you to share your business with other local businesses. Be sure to follow the rules of the groups.
  • Ask a Friend – ask your friends to invite their friends to like your page. But it is better to be selective about who is being invited, as people do not like to receive dozens of page like invites a week. Your friends will start unfriending you if you bombard them with invites, so be selective.

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