10 A’s You Need In Your Business

Here’s I’m going to cover the basic fundamentals you should have in your business


This is super, super important. Do you know how it is with alcoholics anonymous? they stand up and they say ‘I’m an alcoholic’. The reason is they are claiming exactly what it is that they are.  They’re aware of who they are and where they are at.  They also have an understanding or idea of how they got there. They can reflect on that and they can then focus on where they want to go.  So, awareness is really important for where we’re at and where we want to go.


I’m a very visual person and I love to have visual things around me. So, if I’ve got visual affirmations around me it’s really helpful. If I go for a walk I listen to positive affirmations so that I train my subconscious and my inner beliefs. So, affirmations are really about your thoughts and your words.  And thoughts create your reality so it’s really important that we are aware of the thoughts that we have and then we can turn those into affirmations. And when we can say them, or visually see them, or listen to podcasts, we can strengthen our inner belief systems around that positivity.

Alarm clock.  

Simply put, if you want to be the boss of your business, and if you want to own a profitable business, you have to have your time management under control. Most of the clients that I work with rely on productivity and performance, and it always starts with an alarm clock. Go into your calendar and create the ideal day that is going to get you the satisfaction and fulfillment that you want from your business and from your life.  Strive for that from the start. You need to include playtime with the dog and things buying the groceries or vacuuming the house. Remember to also include follow-up calls and social media etc. Put that all into your calendar and set an alarm so that you know when the time to do a specific task is. I’ve said many times that routine makes your life easier. So, book it in and stay on task, and set those alarm clocks as a reminder. 


This is about your finances. A lot of people don’t focus on this enough in their business and some people say I focus a little bit too much on it in my business. But for me, I always wanted to be able to have abundance. There’s nothing more satisfying than having control over your finances. Cleaning up the clutter, get rid of subscriptions that you don’t need. So many people have got software that they’re not even using, or they’ve got another piece of software that is actually doing the same thing as that piece of software.

Make sure you are not paying for products and services that you are not getting value out of.  Go through your statements carefully, you may be shocked. Have a look at this example, if you wanted to make a hundred thousand dollars a year over 52 weeks, that ends up being $1,923 a week. But if you want to work only a five-day week, that ends up being $384,61 cents per day.  But you’re not really making that. You have to consider GST. You have to consider your software, a bookkeeper, etc. All of that has to come off. So, you can almost straight away take off 30%.  Every earning that I get per week, 30% of that goes into another account, which is for paying for those things.  And for those of you who have products in your business, it’s completely different. So, get control over your finances if you want to have abundance.  At least have an understanding of what’s going on.  Be respectful of your money.


Learning, learning, learning, and listening to all of this is not going to do anything unless you act and you act on it. It’s the 1% rule, just one step closer. Every positive action brings you one step closer to your goal. I don’t believe in multitasking. What I do is I block out enough time to fully complete the one thing that I’m doing and I stay on track. I think the statistic was something like ‘You’re 70% more productive if your single task and you don’t multitask.’ Finish what you are doing before you move on to the next thing.


Make it happen. Put things in place to make it easy for you. Set yourself up for success, not failure.  It is up to you to put systems in place to ensure your success.  

Analyze. You have to analyze what you’re doing. Is it working or is it not working? You need to constantly review and analyze your processes, if it is not working look at what part of the process it is failing at, or going off track, and then tweak.  


This is about being attentive to things, constantly looking at things, and staying focused. You want to stay focused and even accept that things go wrong. You need to accept that the business is a roller coaster. When the bumps come you take them in your stride. It really does help if you can stay attentive to what you’re working on and be prepared for what is coming.

Ask, ask, ask, ask, ask,

if you need help, ask. If you do not ask you will not get it.  Have a good support system and ask for help when you need it. 

Arsehole bubble (formerly Dickhead bubble). 

Do not let negative people break your stride or get you down.  Only positivity should be allowed in your bubble.

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