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How to Get more people booking discovery calls

14 examples of opt-ins you could use

Here are some examples that you could adapt to your industry.
  1. Online quizzes.  People love testing themselves. They like to see how clever they are and they always want to see how they score. So online quizzes are working the best at the moment. Here’s the thing, don’t give them the answer. They’ve got to get the answer by booking a call. We’ve done this before with coaches and it works a treat.
  2. “Hey, subscribe and you could win!”
  3. “Hey, see if you compatible with your teen children”. Of course, every parent is going to start filling out the form and at the end, it goes “Congratulations we’re busy scoring and putting your results together.  Book a call here and we’ll go over the results with you”. This way you will find out how keen they are.
  4.  Cheat sheets work a treat –  people love cheat sheets.
  5. Free reports – everyone loves a freebie.
  6. A discount?  “Enter your details yeah to receive 10% off your first purchase”.
  7. “We will send you our book, you just need to pay for postage?. People are happy to do that.
  8. “Enrol for our webinar”
  9. “For this audio or podcast or video Subscribe here”.
  10. “Would you like a health check?” Health checks always do well.
  11. You could give them a checklist. I’ve got a moving checklist that I downloaded off a cleaners website on what I need to do when I’m moving.
  12. A discovery call is an option.
  13. A strategy call is an option. Remember they different and there are blogs on my website to show you what the difference is.
  14. Templates. People love templates. “So hey, would you like my template?” I’ve got my content calendar, and we’ve just done the 2021 content calendar.  We will be putting it out on Facebook saying “Who wants the 2021 content calendar?” And then I’ll be signing them up into the online content workshop where we can plan their content.

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