4 Steps To Achiving Success Online Chantal Gerardy

4 Steps to Achieving Business Success Online

True Story… These may surprise you, but mastering these will certainly add huge value to your Online Presence and Business Growth.
1) Become a Stalker:

Yes… Know your competition. Who are their clients, what are their products, what is their point of difference and what works for them?

Check out their website, social media accounts, opt-ins, advertising and make a note of what is working for them, what you like, and what you’d do differently.

What are their prices, their packages, what policies and procedures do they have, what do people know like and trust about them and check out their reviews (making note of both the good and the bad)

Create a Branding folder called ____________?

Keep images of ads/branding/content etc. that you like.

NOW >>> Stalk Yourself…

Answer the same questions about your business, and take careful notice of similarities and differences… Not so you can COPY them, but so that you can do what you do better. The MORE notes you write the BETTER!

Create a Branding folder called ____________?

Keep images of ads/branding/content etc. that you like.

Sooooooo……. Compare the Competition and your Business with these:

Competition, My Business.

1) Social Media: Likes, Reviews, About section/description, Images, Branding, Content, Call to action

2) Website: Opt-in, Bio, Formatting, Mobile friendly, Branding, Images, Headings, Contact us

3) Point Of Difference: Prices, Packages, Products, Offers, Referral incentive, Unique selling point, Niche

4) Clients: Testimonials, Introductory offer, Engagement, Language

5) Policies and Procedures: Client Records, Emailing, Call to action

6) Advertising: Where do you see them and how

2) Braindump:
Chantal Gerardy - Facebook Strategist
Chantal Gerardy – Facebook Strategist

This is the BEST thing EVER for your Business! And I questioned a lot whether this should go before or after the stalking. But I found that stalking better inspires the Braindump.

When you get a quiet moment ….. Set your clock for 1 hour! I say this because we all work better when we have an endpoint in mind. It’ll help you to stay focused and on track. When you first start this, you’ll be like wtf….. this is ridiculous, however, once you get going, you’ll get in the flow and many amazeballs gems will start to get polished infill vision. Yes yes… its kinda like a vision board….. but I prefer this for when its aimed at creating my perfect Work Balanced LIFE!

Dream BIG! And start with the END in mind. Starting off small, limits your reach. Focus on the absolute end result of where you wanna be with your life and business (because it’s all the same)

Yes, we learn a lot by making mistakes, but they often cost us money and time. Starting small, you get their quick, then you outgrow your vision quickly and have to start again. Working with the end in mind gets you there with better focus and intention.

Firstly consider this…….. What is your vision? Purpose? What do you enjoy doing the most? What are your values and beliefs? How do you like to spend your day?

Now, Secondly….. What is your Perfect Day GO:

Include every detail!!!!! From waking up to going to sleep….. Now be realistic!! Because if you wanna earn $10000 / day, it’ll require some work RIGHT>>> so for goodness sake include ‘work’ in your day, how many hours would that be, at what time, and where, and what would that look like realistically? Does it rely on other people? What does that look like?

Now….. Thirdly, on a huge whiteboard …. create a brain dump of your business. In the centre, write your business and then spider graph every aspect of it off the main centre point eg. Products, packages, POD, social media, website, client numbers, referral system, income etc

Keep your stalking and perfect day exercise in mind, but don’t let it define this Braindump. It’s not set in concrete, but it’s a great way to start planning your future perfected lifestyle business.

3) Money Money

Ok, yes we love to help people, and love doing what we do, but in order to continue doing what we do, plus help more people, we need to make money to Live. Often the biggest problem passionate entrepreneurs have is understanding that it is essential to accept money for their services, and not discounted, contra dealt or gifted. In order for you to be successful, grow your business and help more people, you need to make some money….. That doesn’t mean discounting your services to less than your competitors. That in fact, only means to any prospective clients, that you are cheaper than others, so your service and product must be worse. True story.

Firstly consider this:

1) What is your current income and expenses? No jokes, go into your bank account and list EVERY INCOME AND EXPENSE. SO MUCH SO, YOU KNOW EXACTLY HOW MUCH MONEY YOU SPEND ON COFFEE PER DAY and how much money you make per day !!! YES PER DAY!

2) How much money per week do you need to survive?

Secondly, Consider this:

  • How much money per week do you think your competitor is making to have all they have
  • How much money per day do you need to not only survive but create your perfect day?
  • Remember …. Keep the end in mind and dream big. It’s ok if you don’t hit it, but if you aim smaller, you’ll not even get close…..  True Story.

Now, go back to your braindump, and with this, all in mind, write a figure next to each aspect of your business. Does it add up? If not…. keep going. You need to have enough income per day to create that perfect day. What’s the point of having a business if it Doesn’t support that happening?

From your braindump, and these income and expenditure exercises, you should be able to create Packages/products with Price lists, that support your business goal and are in line with your competitors.

One of the biggest reasons businesses fail is because they don’t know where they are and where they are going…. it only sets them up for more time-wasting and ultimately failure. They also don’t have a consistent income stream. It is becoming more and more common now for businesses to be working on packages whereby they receive income on a more regular basis. Eg. Weekly Direct Debit or Subscriptions. It is more sustainable, and you can rely on a regular income stream (not determined by eg. the seasons)

4) The Perfect Client:

In branding/marketing they call it your AVATAR. LOL. I thought I’d share with you the lingo.  Again… On a whiteboard or large piece of paper write down this:

A) Your current clients or people who know like and trust you:

What do they like about you? As a person, your contribution to their life etc. If this is difficult, ask them, or look at your past testimonials/reviews. Better still, ask your family and friends. Very important… Write down all these attributes/ words. This is who you are and what people like about you. This is important to remember when attracting your new clients. It is wasted energy, time and money spending time on trying to attract clients that aren’t your perfect client, nor do they resonate with you, or what you are about.

B) With this and all the above exercises in mind… now describe your perfect client:

How old are they (within 10 yrs), gender, personality, hangouts, likes, fears, wants, aspirations, frustrations, hates, social media trends, habits, lifestyle, kids, income, career, education, suburb, expenses (spend money on what) Again, write this all down. You need to know who you are talking to with your branding, advertising, marketing etc. Start by thinking about that 1 perfect client you had or have, who just adored you, was your raving fan and happily paid you. Note the personality traits of your current or previous clients, and do not include any character traits that aren’t in line with your non-negotiable values.

True Story …

I bet you never thought of these 4 OUT OF THE BOX concepts to help you STAND OUT and do better in your business.

Becoming a Stalker (on your competitors and on yourself), Braindumping (Clear on your Vision, Creating your Perfect day and brain dump of your business), Money (What you need and what you can do in your business to make it) and lastly having The Perfect Client (Who are they exactly).

Without seriously workshopping these 4 areas, you lack of clarity and purpose will prevent your business growth and direction.

If you are you stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed with this new era of Facebook for business, I empower business owners with the simple skills and strategy to safely and effectively use free Facebook marketing to create income opportunities for your business. 

Stand out, get found, generate leads, sell your products or services, run successful events time efficiently, all using unpaid Facebook. 

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