How to Get more people booking discovery calls


This is the easiest way for you to post on your Facebook personal profile, personal story, business page, business story, Instagram profile, story and Instagram reels.

If you have one piece of material, copy it, and then just edit it to suit the different platforms using the copying and pasting technique to manage your time efficiently.

To start, open your Facebook Business Page, click into publishing tools and then into creator studio. Write a good piece of material to invoke curiosity. It must have a good call to action and a graphic to get people to believe what you believe.

Now that you’re Facebook Business page is taken care of let’s add a story. Still on your business profile, select add a story and choose text or photo story. Remembering that the text option is just going to be a little bit shorter. Paste your previous material copied from your business post. Create your story, you can add a few bits and pieces if desired, once ready for your viewers post immediately.

Then go into Instagram to create a post on your Instagram profile and again paste your previous material here. You can @ or mention who you are, tag people, use hashtags. Add a location and then add content: a short video up to 30 seconds or you add an image. Then post!

Now to add to your Instagram story. You will have to be on your phone. By simply viewing the tile you just posted you can click the little paper aeroplane icon and add it to your story without having to remake it. Once it is posted on your story you can then add it to your highlights! By selecting the highlight icon on the bottom right of your story you can create a highlight which makes the story stay on your Instagram profile until you choose to delete it. Allowing any story to be accessible to anyone who views your profile at any time and not only staying up for 24hrs. So any stories you don’t want to disappear, you can highlight and they will sit above your tiles on your profile page.

To take posting/advertising one step further. If you’ve created a video, you can then add that video onto your Instagram reels which is a 15-second long clip that will pop up whenever viewers with similar interest go through their reels. Which is great for reaching more viewers.

Finally, go to your personal profiles with your copied material and paste it to create a post to share with your friends and spread the word even further.

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