Setting up YouTube

SETTING UP YOUTUBE: YouTube is great for repurposing content. You can create engaging and informative YouTube videos which then translate into your blogs, which then translates to social media content! YouTube Statistics: The demographic for YouTube is predominantly 18 to 34 year olds. 90% of google searches click on a link that is in the…


VIP Zapier

Zapier, basically integrates absolutely everything for all your website software’s and it helps to share the data between them and it automates your workflows. It basically passes, or “zaps” the information between two platforms which is a much faster process. Meaning that you’ve got less manual work to do and you don’t have to rely…

Christmas and New Year’s marketing | Chantal Gerardy


End of Financial Year! “Money moves at the energy that you give towards it” You need to look backward to move forward. Analyze your past results and establish what you need to do to reach your intended goal for the year to come. One of the most important things in business is making a clear…