How to utilise hashtags

Hashtags are a vital component of your social media strategy. So how do you best use them across all your social platforms? Like everything, hashtags take research, optimising and continued monitoring. Familiarise yourself with your industry related hashtags and then niche them down. For example, this could be #hairdresser to #hairdressergoldcoast. If you’re a brick…

chantal gerardy Facebook engagement

Facebook Engagement

How is your Facebook engagement? There is power in using your fingers on facebook as it determines what is going to show in your newsfeed to get the algorithm to work for you. This includes what you input into facebook which will determine what shows up on others newsfeed. Firstly, don’t freak out about the…


Facebook groups advice & when to listen.

Business owners, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Let’s talk about Facebook groups. Not all advice given in Facebook groups should be taken. When you ask for business help/suggestions, people all have good intention, and can’t help but give their recommendations HOWEVER some of it is unqualified, inexperienced, will mislead and be potentially dangerous. The sad thing is…