Facebook shop feature

Facebook has a new shop feature which has just been launched in the US.  So, it is not is AU yet – but, it is on its way.  Facebook releases the updates in stages so keep an eye out for the notification.  This is a feature you will have to apply to use. Facebook advertises…

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YouTube explained

YouTube is quite different from Facebook in that on Facebook videos are placed in front of subscribers to your page only. Unless you have boosted it, then it is placed according to the algorithm.  YouTube videos, on the other hand, are available to anyone who searches for that particular content.   This is why there are…

Here are my tips to Create Space for Success

Why Niche?

Here is an example of why having your niche can be advantageous. My friend had a cute little puppy and it injured itself and needed surgery.  So when we were looking for vets there was one ad that mentioned cows and turtles and rabbits and every animal under the sun and then there was one…


Tips On Podcasting

Special guest Annemarie Cross on Podcasts.  Online has now got a growing audience and podcasting can be a very helpful way to reach out to them. They are a great way to engage with the audience. However, a lack of strategy in these podcasts could cause ‘ pod fade ‘. This is when your podcasts…