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Chantal’s VIP Facebook Mastermind

$1,164.00 $582.00
Join my Classroom for a Year!
Weekly Training with your business in the spotlight you’ll get Q&As, LIVES, access to all training recordings, free entry into any of my online training (plus the bonuses that go with them), Support and up to date information.

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Do It Yourself Facebook Marketing Course

$1,691.00 $997.00
Make Facebook work for you!
This program is best suited to those Self Disciplined & Motivated business owners 
who like to work Online and at their Own Pace  (as fast or as slow as they may need to)

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Facebook Mastery: Facebook 101 Program

$2,235.00 $2,000.00
Ever STUCK & feel like you want to PHONE A FRIEND?

This program is best suited to those business owners who like to work with a coach, need accountability, love a bouncing board and feedback on what they are doing.

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Premium Facebook Plus Program

$4,470.00 $3,500.00
It’s the ULTIMATE ‘handholding’ package 

Which includes Strategy, Accountability, Support, Direction and Feedback

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14 Day Facebook Engagement Email Program

$249.00 $47.00

Are you stuck? Unsure what to post to get better engagement? Create impactful content that helps you engage your target audience. The self-paced 14 Day Content Program delivers you with the most impacting and engaging content for Facebook or your other social media channels.