Changing your business name and URL

Changing your business name and URL is possible but there are a few things you need to consider first.

You need to ensure the name you use is descriptive. Some people think they need to use their actual registered business name but this is not so. To make it easier for people to find you it is advisable to put in a descriptive word about what you do or a location – or both. There may be another business with the same name so you need to add something to make you distinguishable from the others.

When changing your URL do not forget to change the link on everything that has that link, like your email footer or your website or any advertising material that has the Facebook link, each of those needs to be updated. If you have any groups make sure you change the URL link. I made the error of changing the link on my laptop email but forgot to change it on my cell phone email settings. So systematically go through all your marketing material and make sure it has been changed.

Be sure to test the URL! You don’t want to be sending people to another company’s site. Believe me, this can happen.

Keep in mind the way people search for things, think about what they are going to start typing – put your self in your ideal clients’ shoes. If people are struggling to find you because you have an inadequate or obscure page name you are going to lose valuable business.  There is a gym down the road from me who has the same name as a gym in America and I was communicating with them about a promotion they were having. When I went there they didn’t know what I was talking about and then said, ‘Oh, you must be referring to the one in America, that happens often” Really, it happens often and they still have not rectified the problem by maybe adding ‘Australia’ to the page name. Think of all the clients they must be loosing!

Before changing anything, stalk yourself. You will need to use someone else’s profile so that the algorithm behaves correctly. This is so important, type in different options and sees what other companies come up and work out what works best for your company.

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