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Content Strategy Over The Silly Season

Content Strategy Over The Silly Season

The number one thing when it comes to planning the next quarter is strategy.

It is so incredibly important that you have an overall strategy as to what your intention is over this time.

We’re already into the last months of the year, and gearing up for the Festive Season, and then we’re into January events and into February.

Part of that strategy is making sure that as business owners, we’re going to have the time and the temperament to be able to manage whatever strategy it is that we’ve put into place. So it’s really important that your strategy is realistic, according to what you can fulfil right now over the holidays. 

Some of you may have kids on school holidays or other family commitments so you need to go into your calendar and mark off your commitments and assess how much time you have to dedicate to your strategy. Remember to block out all the days that you will not be able to dedicate to your strategy.

Secondly, you need to make a list of all the special days coming up starting with Black Friday Pre-sales. These seem to be massive this year and I believe it is because people are no longer impulse buying. The are now doing the due diligence. They are now going to go and Google things and check it out and see if they can get the price somewhere cheaper.
In December we’ve got breakup day. A lot of the school kids might buy something for their friends or teachers. Then we’ve got Christmas Eve, Christmas day, Boxing day, new year’s eve and new year’s day. Then into January, we’ve got back to school, Australia day and we’ve got Valentine’s day in February.  Exhausting!

The third thing to do is to go and get rid of the easy things first. Okay. All the quick and simple stuff that can be templated and scheduled, get it out of the way and ticked off of your list. The Merry Christmasses, Happy New Years etc.  Get it scheduled.

The fourth thing would be then to go and choose your channels. There is no need for you to be spending hours and hours on a platform that’s not working. You should be really strong on one platform than be fluffy on two platforms.

The fifth thing would be to go and then schedule everything that can be scheduled. If you download the content of your pages from last year, which is in your settings on your business page, you can repurpose some of that content as well.

The sixth thing to do is then to look at your actual promotions or your giveaways. So if you’ve got some sort of a giveaway or promotion or something – what is the desirable offer? Who is your audience? How are you going to name and describe that offer?

A really good image with as few words as possible is normally best to use.  And remember it’s a niche inside a niche. It is a point of difference all the time. It’s never what you do, that’s the same as everyone else. It’s always what you do differently.

The seventh thing is about seeing whatever strategy you have through. Take action on it and above all else making sure that you have a follow-up system in place to be able to re-engage those interested parties.

Number eight is having additional content to support your promotions. So even though you’re promoting, it’s that whole social versus salesy thing.  How social are you and how salesy are you? Can you when it’s a promotion, say 100% this is a promotion? This is a black Friday. This is a boxing day. This is a new year’s Eve sale. You can 100% say that because it is a promotion. And I encourage you to do that because sometimes people are too social when it’s a sale. And sometimes they’re too salesy when it’s social. So, there’s a clear difference between social versus salesy. When you are selling, it’s a promo, it’s absolutely fine to be salesy, but it is important that you have social online and everywhere else to support it.

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