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Dealing With Online Slander

There are loads of unsavoury people out there, you can not hide from them and the more engagement you get on Facebook the more you will attract the people with nothing better to do but spread misery.

Business is tough but that is no reason to attack others or slander.   Here are a few tips to keeping your integrity intact and strengthening your dickhead bubble.

  • Don’t react DON’T’ REACT!
  • Don’t drop yourself to their level, you are better than that
  • Keep your morals and values intact
  • Do not slander – even if you have proof, it is very unprofessional.
  • Learn from your mistakes – my mistake is that I always want to help people BUT not everyone is worthy of my help. Save your energy for those who deserve it.
  • Learn how to read the warning signs and know when to walk away – It is better to lose a customer than to lose your cool.
  • Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing
  • If you are conducting your business fairly and morally you have nothing to worry about
Remember, only the weak fight dirty. Don’t be weak, keep your standards high.

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