Disciplined Content Strategy

We’re going to be talking about having a disciplined content strategy. Thing one, establish a clear purpose, Thing two dive into YouTube. Thing three, repurpose your content.

Establishing a clear purpose for your content is important for your overall success.

The good news is you do not have to do everything. You only have to do what’s relevant to you. There is a strategy and there is a funnel for every single business owner. And they don’t ever have to feel pressured into doing something that they don’t feel comfortable doing. Because chances are they won’t do it well and they won’t enjoy it and they won’t stick with it. I do believe that the business owner does need to be in alignment with how they feel.  You don’t have to think “I’ve just got to do what everyone else is doing”.

You just need to have one funnel. I actually prefer to use the word the words customer journey. You just need a customer journey.

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your offer?
  • How can you communicate with them?
  • How can you use the platform to put yourself in front of them and then evoke curiosity?

Effectively communicate what it is that you do. Get them to believe in what it is that you do and then they will commit to you and pay you the money and you don’t have to pay for advertising. You do not have to keep thinking that they have to gamble. Being purposeful about whom your target audience actually is will help you communicate what you are offering without the cost of advertising.

The most important thing about being relevant on Facebook and standing out from your competitors is actually your offer. So many people do not have clarity around the offer that they have and it’s not meaningful to the audience. So often it’s the offer that’s the problem.

The second problem that often happens is they don’t know who the audience is. Or the person they’re trying to target isn’t actually prepared to pay for that offer and then they’re never going to buy it. The people may engage, but they’re never going to purchase what it is that you have. So you HAVE to work out who is that audience and how you’re going to communicate to them to get them to say yes. Which is your overall intention, to get that customer to say YES and buy your product or service.  You have to be considering what’s in it for them. So we have to make it super easy for them to say yes to your desirable offer.

Now, the purpose of your content is going to be different on the various platforms or channels that you’re leveraging. So your content and call to action will be different depending on what your stated purpose is.

The strategy should be an entire social media or online marketing strategy. So it needs to encompass all facets of it. For me, I use Facebook as an income-producing platform. So I have all the other platforms and I have branding awareness on all of them. This supports me and it gives me brand authority and it gives me credibility in what it is that I do. My income-producing platform, which is the one that I spend most of my time on, is Facebook. Why? because that’s where my audience is.

So when it comes to a page in a private group, in a public group, in events, in webinars and challenges and competitions. At the end of the day, it all starts with your offer. It starts with the audience. It starts with effectively communicating that offer. And then it’s how are we going to use the free capabilities of each of these things that Facebook has to offer in the simplest and most effective way to get a result.

So let’s focus on just Facebook for the moment. You have to really look at those Facebook groups and analyze if they’re really generating enough income for you. To make all the effort and time you’re spending engaging in it worthwhile. Because, at the end of the day, it’s not always going to be the strategy that applies to your business because it will be different depending on your target.

It’s all about making whatever you choose to do translate to money. And it has to, otherwise it is not worth the time because time is money. The algorithm works in that whatever you are putting in and whatever other people are putting in the same thing. You’re going to come up in front of each other. So you have to keep your groups engaged constantly. However, a lot of the time people of doing way too much nurturing and way too much “give it all away for free”. You only ever give away the “what”, you don’t ever give away the how. And that is super, super important.

I encourage you to look at all the platforms you’re on and try to define what your purpose is for each. So thinking about it, in this framework, will help you continue to build your disciplined content strategy.

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