Discussing Manychat and Strategy

ManyChat is a bot. It is real-time.  It is interactive. Basically, it’s a series of messages that you can set up to talk to people on Facebook Messenger.  You can customize the messages, you can customize the sequences, and you can customize the flows.

People do have to opt into it,  you can’t just add them to your you can’t just add the email address. It’s a great thing to use if it’s used well.  You can use it to sell products, to book appointments,  to nurture,  lead capture, to get contact information etc.  The whole purpose behind ManyChat is to build meaningful relationships. The worst part about a bot is it requires heaps and heaps of setup and management. If it’s not logical if it’s not customer-focused and if it doesn’t have a strategy, people will report you or block you. And then Facebook slows down your organic reach – they rap you on the knuckles.

If used well it’s great, and not used well, it can destroy business.

These are some stats:

1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger daily.

Facebook Messenger the open rate is 80%.

Email marketing is around 20%.

Here are my tips:

It requires a lot of strategy, a lot of logic, a lot of planning, a lot of sequencing.  You almost have got to be intuitive as to what would the next step be? So if I say this to the person in messenger, what are they going to do and what’s the logical next step.

You’ve got to keep people engaged, because if they’re not engaged, and you keep sending them messages, and they’re not clicking on the messages, they will either report you or they’ll opt out, which is going to slow down your reach.

Constantly review who is doing what? What are people clicking on it? Are they clicking out? Or  are they’re opting out.  You’ve got to constantly be analysing what people are doing inside of it.

Test test test, which takes time but is vitally important!

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