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As a 6 figure business owner, you know how lonely it can be.

There’s a lot to navigate and no guarantee anything will work.
Plus, your inner critic can leave you frazzled.

That was me.

New to Australia, with a family to take care of.
I had
no start-up capital,
no marketing experience
and no business network.

I wish I knew then what I know now because figuring it out on my own got overwhelming.
Still, I did it.
And I made it to a thriving six-figure business.

But it didn’t end there.

People around me reached out because they were struggling with their businesses.

“How did you do it?” they wanted to know.

The conversations that followed were the beginning of a new journey.

A journey that led me to an award-winning career as an online business strategist.

Today it’s my mission to make your path much clearer than mine was.

I’ll show you how to have fun while staying in love with your business.

I’ve seen again and again how it works for my clients.

And I want that for you.

The lessons I’ve learned that will boost your business

One of my proudest moments was buying my first property on the Gold Coast. After 12 years, it symbolized the recovery of everything I’d sacrificed to start fresh in Australia.

But of course, I had gained so much more than a house.
I had:

⭐ collected the right knowledge to give me clear direction
⭐ grown an online network that reached far wider than I ever could have in person
⭐ learned strategies to make business easier, so I could have quality time with my children
⭐ developed systems that ran independently, so I could regularly take time off
⭐ nurtured a constructive mindset to tackle my self-doubt

Most importantly, I realized I could help others do the same.

I get a buzz from turning up every day, knowing I can walk alongside men and women like you, to see you become more productive, and make your business more profitable so that you get to play more.

The winning formula was to create a business with FREE HOT LEADS on REPEAT even whilst I Sleep. And I want YOU TO HAVE this in your business too.

Im going to deliver the best of the best content that I know gets results!

I couldn’t afford for my business NOT TO WORK. Spending hours online didn’t bring in enough money and left me feeling burnt-out and frustrated. Do you know what CHANGED? Having a Strategy. Something I knew to do each day that worked, and without me fluffing around online.
and… That is how I grew a 6 figure business and bought my first property, whilst still enjoying family holidays.

It’s kinda my moral duty to share this Lead Generation Strategy with you…
It is the foundation of everything I teach.
Skills + Strategy + Systems = Simple Online Sales with Less Spend

cool, huh?
OK, now that we’re not strangers anymore… check this out:

Included in this 6 week LIVE program are specific strategies and solutions for gaining more leads and sales on repeat, so your marketing is more effective
and your business can scale.

You’re gonna love it:

  • Decision-Making Clarity on your BIGGER business pathway
  • Your Buyers Persona and How to get a YES
  • Social Media and Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Website traffic, Taking payment, Sales, and Landing Pages
  • Ranking on Google without advertising
  • Creating MULTIPLE lead generation funnels and email sequences.

This is for B2B2C Purpose-led business owners who KNOW there is a SMARTER way to do things, and who want in on these secrets to online sales success.

hotleads 6-week program

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