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Facebook groups advice & when to listen.

Business owners, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Let’s talk about Facebook groups.

Not all advice given in Facebook groups should be taken.

When you ask for business help/suggestions, people all have good intention, and can’t help but give their recommendations
some of it is unqualified, inexperienced, will mislead and be potentially dangerous.

The sad thing is that you may take the recommendations on board, or take part and part of various recommendations only to get further frustrated, overwhelmed and disheartened.

So here is my NUMBER 1 Recommendation for Taking Advice in Facebook groups :

🤔 Stalk the person who is giving it!

Do they have a successful business which generates money?
Are they recommended by other people?
Do they have reviews/success stories?
Are they qualified in the area you are asking about?

Only after establishing all of the above, would I then entertain the idea of possibly trying that suggestion for your business.

Post about what’s happening in your business…… Just like I did above. I saw a struggling business owner asking for advice on facebook in a group, and I was SHOCKED by the answers people were giving her.  One suggested boosting her posts for $5 a day OMGGGGGGGGG NNOOOOOOO! So that’s why I felt compelled to write that post and share my knowledge into the groups.

From that, I received over 200 engagements and almost 100 comments (this was in various groups) mostly agreeing with what is written… and YES… There were TROLLS… 2 in fact….  whose argument was you shouldn’t judge a person by their facebook page. Their content, branding, lack of reviews or unprofessional setup, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be trusted giving credible business advice….. I know I certainly wouldn’t trust a hairdresser who had a terrible hairstyle.
hmmmmm, I’ll leave you to decide on that one.

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