Number one is that Facebook said that the reason that they’re making these changes to the Facebook group is they want to help more people become part of communities.

Number two is they said they want to encourage more authentic conversations.

Number three is they’re giving admins more tools. Now this one’s really important for those of you that are engaging in groups. Because if you can understand that administrators right now have got so much power and so much authority in what they do. And if you can understand what they have the ability to do you can be a more proactive admin and know that other admins have the same tools to use on you.

Number four is there’s actually a join group button. I don’t know if you’ve seen it but you can actually have a button now on your group if it’s public to make it a lot easier for people to join it. Remember if your group is public people can see everything inside that group even if they aren’t in the group. In fact, they can even comment in that group without joining the group if it’s public. So it’s almost like that public group has become a page so there’s very little privacy in there. Anybody with a public page just has to re-look at their settings and their strategy and go ‘is that what I want?’ ‘Maybe it’s time for me to make that a private group or keep it public’.

Number five is the Facebook group timeline. Now I’ve already shown you that that’s been around for a while. Some people haven’t seen it yet but there is a Facebook group timeline. So if you’re on a desktop and you look up at the top right-hand side there are three little heads. Whenever you see the three little heads in a circle that’s the groups and that’s your Facebook group timeline

Number six Administrators can manage posts and they can set keyword alerts. So, say I’m a social media manager and I have a group I can now set the keyword alert inside my group. So if anybody uses the word I will get a notification. Which means I could go in and then block those people. So it’s important for you to know that administrators have this power now and they’re doing all this stuff behind the scenes that you don’t know about.

Number seven If you have a group one of the things that you can do. On the left-hand side, you’ll see now that there’s going to be admin assist where you go in now and you set what you can do or not do for your group.

Number eight Facebook is testing messenger rooms and chats within the group. You’ll know that they got rid of Rooms and they got rid of Watch Party. But instead, they’re testing messenger rooms and chats inside groups so that people can have little meetings. But they seem to be trying to make it easier for people to build their businesses and groups.

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