Facebook Plus Program

Create A Successful Business

This Program Will Help You:


Nail your niche

Identify your unique selling point


Create content that will convert

Learn what to post, when and why


Generate hot leads using Facebook

Attract happy paying clients

Build lasting relationships with clients

Spot hard-to-find mistakes that may be affecting lead generation


Effectively do Facebook lives without destroying your brand

Outsmart the Facebook Algorithm and get it to work for you (The “Algorithm” is how Facebook gets selective about which content to display in the news-feed). We show you how!


When to start using Facebook advertising in your business.

How to get crystal clear on your desirable offer

Get your page ready to succeed with Facebook advertising.


Manage inappropriate content or people and protect your reputation

Understand the settings that are available to you and how to manage your privacy settings


Develop an effective strategy which gives you time.

Learn how to utilise your time and market your business with our time management tool


Take back control of your online marketing by keeping it in house and cost effective

Take full advantage of Facebook’s features to increase your sales

What You’ll Get


A Fail proof Plan

Social Media Secrets

✓ A Strategy

✓ Accountability & Support

✓ Control Over Your Own Marketing

✓ Simplify Complicated Concepts

✓ Start Taking Actionable Steps Towards Your Goals

✓ Grow Your Confidence

This Program Is for You If…

✓ You want to quickly learn how to use Facebook for your business, but not in a way that is too technical, boring or intimidating…

✓ You’re run a small – medium size operation, standing out and have a SUPER professional online business is a priority for you…

✓ You’ve gambled away $ on ads and with so called marketing ‘gurus’ and now want control over your success

✓ You have a friend or family member, small team (or aspire to have), who want operating at a proficient level to grow the business using facebook

And that’s not all.

When you enrol TODAY, you’ll also get;

✓ Bonus #1 An 8 week VIP membership to an exclusive, supportive community of like-minded people with weekly training and Q&A’s.   It’s a place where you get to ask questions, where people build each other up, where no one is “too old to learn”, where no questions are “too dumb”, and where people will be rooting for your success.

✓ Bonus # 2 Do It Yourself Facebook Ad’s. Once you nail your organic content feel confident knowing you can achieve great results yourself utilising Facebook’s ad manager. 

Failproof plan

Imagine waking up each day to hot leads & opportunities. In only 20min a day (yes, you read right), you will know how to increase your enquiries, be more visible and spend less money on marketing.

Social Media Secrets

Facebook is chosen by 93% of business owners as their primary platform. Why? Because 2.8 billion users frequent Facebook daily, so I know your clients are on there waiting for you. But we cannot ignore the other social platforms. Let me show you these clever tips on how to have an overall solid presence across all socials without wasting precious time fumbling around. You see, you cannot disrespect each social media platform. It’s like treating your children as if they were all the same. It just doesn’t work. Google, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram have rules, likes, and dislikes, and if you don’t respect them, you will STOP their algorithm from helping you grow your business. Please! Let’s avoid this at all cost! 

Client generation strategy

First up, we need to explore your business and income opportunities and work out, what will actually work on Facebook. Who are we talking to, what do they want from you, how much will they pay and what will get them to say YES to you and give you the $? Then we create a simple method (line of attack) that works. Imagine no more! You could be making ongoing money through Facebook if you understood its full capabilities and had the process to follow.


You obviously love what you do? You’re passionate about it and want to help more people right? But, like most of my clients before you, it’s their head that is getting in the way. “but if this” and “if I try this” or “let me try that” and STILL NO PROGRESS. This is why the number 1 thing a person needs when in a growth phase is ACCOUNTABILITY. Someone outside of your emotional attachment who can see the BIGGER, MORE PROFITABLE business. Someone who has been there and done that. Who can prevent you from wasting hours, weeks, months, years of stress and disappointment, because they simply did not know any better? 

Actionable Direction

From the time we first start together, you will already be a whole foot closer to generating income through Facebook. Each session we have will give you the skills and strategy, confidence in your ability and what you need to do to get results. No more need to be confused, overwhelmed or lead astray by some other ‘new thing’ which is usually outdated, but the ability to take pro-action to achieve your biggest dreams.

Control over your own marketing

You are tired of throwing away money on false promises and supposed ‘quick fixes’. You wish you could just CRACK IT and join the millions of business owners online who are KILLING IT. You want firm hands on your ‘baby’, knowing how to get the results you want from the plan you follow. It feels authentic to you, is profitable and the process is now enjoyable. 


Do It Yourself Facebook Ad’s program & 1yr  access to the VIP Mastermind.

Expires soon. (Value $694)

Take Charge of Your Business

Investing in yourself means having total control of your business. Yes… YOU , The business owner, are the best person to manage your profile. Nobody knows your business better than you do. You have the passion, you understand your clients, and you are the person most driven to succeed. You just need some help learning.    Learn from an award-winning Facebook Strategist who has a no-nonsense teaching style and the passion to bring out the best in people, even those who think they can’t.


Chantal Gerardy’s enthusiasm and excitement are contagious. Even after our free half-hour introduction, I have some ideas and motivation for Facebook again after spending a lot and getting very little from Facebook Ads in the past. Thank you for your support, Chantal.


I love Chantal’s enthusiasm for helping others and her broad level of knowledge. It was great doing her workshop today to help get me on track with my business goals, particularly in regards to branding and looking at my target audience. Thanks Chantal!


Chantal Knows by Tried & Proven Methods And She genuinely wants you to Success in this ever changing world of Social Media. Chantal Knows by Tried & Proven Methods And She genuinely wants you to Success in this ever changing world of Social Media


Finding Chantal was like a breath of fresh air, her down to earth, clear, no nonsense approach was just what we needed. Chantal’s real life experience in business and marketing is priceless, I have rarely found someone who can give you so much value for your business in a such a short amount of time.


Meet Chantal

Hi, I'm Chantal Gerardy.

Award winning Facebook Strategist

I wasn’t always the passionate and enthusiastic business coach and motivator that my clients see today. When I moved to the Gold Coast 11 years ago, I knew no one. I had three kids under the age of five, and the business I was in was heavily saturated in this area. Out of pure desperation, I fumbled my way through Facebook trying to get any results. I invested in myself and took a lot of programs that didn’t help much. I made A LOT of costly mistakes; shed a lot of tears. It took me 5 years before I finally figured it all out.

It was then that I decided I didn’t want people to go through the same things I did. I’m determined to teach them everything I learned the hard way. As of today, I’m happy to have helped over 100 businesses and professionals worldwide use Facebook to generate leads and maximize sales for their businesses. Most of them first thought it was going to be hard. But after applying the strategies I taught, they were transformed from confused beginners to confident pros.

Chantal Gerardy has a Diploma in Social Media Marketing and is an Award Winning Facebook Strategist.


Do It Yourself Facebook Ad’s program & 1yr  access to the VIP Mastermind.

Expires soon. (Value $694)

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Do It Yourself Facebook Ad’s program & 1yr  access to the VIP Mastermind.

Expires soon. (Value $694)