Facebook Threads and Event etiquette in Facebook groups

Facebook Threads and #event etiquette in facebook groups

Hashtagging is actually not a Facebook thing. It is something used in groups, by the administrators, to control activity. For this reason, it is important to know and respect the rules of the group administrators.  They may have certain days for certain content, and if you do not respect the rules, your content will be removed or you will be kicked out.

Facebook Group rules can be found in 1 of 4 places in groups:

1) On your desktop, on the right-hand side of their group in Description

2) On a desktop, on the left-hand side under the tab Announcement

3) Pinned to the top of the Discussion / Posts

4) Written on the Banner picture

This should let you know what you need to know about what’s expected in the group. It is important to follow proper group etiquette according to each group you join.   

#thread is basically a like for like an opportunity in groups.  When they have a #thread day, you can go into the comments and post your facebook page URL.  Always have your facebook page URL handy to be able to copy and paste it when you need it (I use notes).  You don’t necessarily have to use the #thread command.  You can then go through the thread and like the other pages that may interest you. They, in turn, will then hopefully like your page to.

What I recommend,  is to include a punchy sentence which clearly explains what problem you solve for people, along with your URL. That way, people scrolling through the thread, will know what you do, and be compelled to jump onto your page to check it out, along with liking it.  A lot of people don’t do that, but I encourage it. It’s often a missed opportunity. 

#event is similar but different.

You are given the opportunity by the group admin to share your event details. If you are sharing your event in the comment below the post, then you do not need to use #event.  If you are posting it onto the group as a new post, then you do.  Please note, there is no gap between # and event. Again, please be aware of the rules.

Know when you can and cannot add your business links (website, blog, social links, email, mobile number etc) in the groups, and when and how you should post in each group. Remember too, that posting in a group that is cold/inactive, or doesn’t have your ideal client, is a waste of your time, and if your posts don’t add value, they will not build trust and connection, or help with your brand awareness.

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