Customer-focused funnels.  A lot of people get freaked out by the F word. A funnel is just the customer journey. It’s the system or process that you are going to take the customer through in your business. Now, if the funnels are customer-focused, they’re more likely to convert.  This means you’re spending less time online and spending less time on discovery calls.

What is Funnel Lump?

If you funnel lump it means taking a whole wide audience and shoving them down the same funnel. This is the fastest way to lose valuable leads.  

Each one of your income-producing opportunities in your business needs to be customer-focused, which means they’ve got to be different. So, for example, with a client last week, if they are first time buyers that are coming through the subscription on the website, their funnel is going to be different to those who are opting in to receive a product.

Some of those funnels or those nurture sequences can be the same, but they have to speak specifically to where they came in – this is really important.

Here’s the good news. Don’t get overwhelmed. Just get one funnel right. This was something I learned from Russell Brunson, The ClickFunnel guy. And this really helped me stop working on everything.  Get one right.  Tweak it, test it, tweak it, test it, tweak it, test it until it’s right. Then move to the next one.  And always start on the one that is the closest to gaining success.

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