Learning to Grow Your Business with Facebook Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Let me walk you through every step and shortcut, so you’ll start to see results… even as you learn.

This Course Will Help You:


Nail your niche

Identify your unique selling point


Create content that will convert

Learn what to post, when and why


Generate hot leads using Facebook

Attract happy paying clients

Build lasting relationships with clients

Spot hard-to-find mistakes that may be affecting lead generation


Effectively do Facebook lives without destroying your brand

Outsmart the Facebook Algorithm and get it to work for you (The “Algorithm” is how Facebook gets selective about which content to display in the news-feed). We show you how!


When to start using Facebook advertising in your business.

How to get crystal clear on your desirable offer

Get your page ready to succeed with Facebook advertising.


Manage inappropriate content or people and protect your reputation

Understand the settings that are available to you and how to manage your privacy settings


Develop an effective strategy which gives you time.

Learn how to utilise your time and market your business with our time management tool


Take back control of your online marketing by keeping it in house and cost effective

Take full advantage of Facebook’s features to increase your sales

What You’ll Get


Land Your Dream Clients 

Avoid $1000 Mistakes

Avoid Overwhelm

Get Results

 Generate Paying Clients

Simplify Complicated Concepts

Start Taking Actionable Steps

Towards Your Goals

Grow Your Confidence

Implement A Strategy


This Course Is for You If…

✓  You want to quickly learn how to use Facebook for your business, but not in a way that’s too technical, boring or intimidating…

✓ You’re running a small operation and lack the marketing budget to promote your business…

✓ You fear spending a fortune on ads and not get any results…

✓ You prefer to have full control over your business…

✓ This course will get you up to speed in taking FULL ADVANTAGE of Facebook’s features, so that your Dream Client will come looking for you.

And that’s not all.

When you enrol TODAY, you’ll also get;

✓ Bonus #1 An 8 week VIP membership to an exclusive, supportive community of like-minded people with weekly training and Q&A’s.   It’s a place where you get to ask questions, where people build each other up, where no one is “too old to learn”, where no questions are “too dumb”, and where people will be rooting for your success.

✓ Bonus # 2 Do It Yourself Facebook Ad’s. Once you nail your organic content feel confident knowing you can achieve great results yourself utilising Facebook’s ad manager. 

 Land Your Dream Clients

If there’s one place on earth where MILLIONS of your ideal customers would gather every single day, that would Facebook. That’s how powerful this platform is, with 2.7 billion users (and the number’s still growing!) Business owners have even reported getting 70% of their revenue from it. Now the question is: HOW will you find your clients? And more importantly, once you have, how will you get them to notice you? You see… your competitors know all about them, too. And right now, they’re fighting tooth and nail to get the attention, just like you. So even if Facebook is such an amazing marketing tool, there’s a bit of downside to it… It’s the competition’s weapon, too. Gaining the advantage now all boils down to… Who can use it better? Lucky for you, this course is an ENTIRE gold mine of LITTLE-KNOWN marketing strategies on using Facebook to help your business stand out and get paying clients consistently. Even with little to no marketing budget If you get a hold of this valuable information early on, who do you think has the greater advantage now?  

 Avoid Thousand-Dollar Mistakes

I’ve learned something the hard way. Turns out many of those “Facebook marketing strategies” you’ve read about won’t actually work, UNLESS you’ve built a strong foundation first. You’ll burn through thousands of dollars real fast when you jump right in without any preparation. So I’ve designed this course to work with you from the bottom up – starting with your profile, before moving on to strategy-building. When you establish a solid online presence this way, clients will come knocking at your digital door… whether you promote organically or with Facebook ads.

(On that note, If you act now I’ll also be showing you in one of the  how to run your own ads THE RIGHT WAY.) with a BONUS MODULE.

 Easily Overwhelmed? This Course Will Take You Step-By-Step

Have you ever silently envied those thriving businesses on Facebook with their thousands of ready-to-buy-anything fans and thought to yourself “How are they doing it??” Ever felt the pressure to “catch up” whenever you see startups from last year grow into booming businesses this year because of social media? Did you also try to do it yourself but hit a dead end when it came to the technical stuff? It’s not your fault. Those heaps of Facebook marketing tutorials out on the web are just too darned technical, they’ll drive anyone crazy!

When I was still struggling, I remember asking myself… Where on earth do I start? Am I even capable of learning all this? Is it really worth all the trouble?   Well the good news is, this course is FAR from those confusing Facebook marketing programs you’ll see out there. I’ve coached over a hundred clients from different parts of the world and have a pretty good grasp of where most of the difficulties are. And if there’s one thing I realized, it’s this: Overwhelm is what keeps business owners like you and me from seeing results. When lessons become too complicated, people procrastinate on taking action. And no action simply means NO RESULTS. People end up wasting their hard earned money on courses that they never actually finish, which is a shame. Now, I don’t want you to regret your experience with this course, so I have designed it with immediate RESULTS in mind. Read on to see what happy business owners have said.

 See Results Gradually as You Progress Through Each Module and Act on Your Tasks

“My sales have improved with each programme I have done”

This course simplifies complicated concepts and breaks them down into actionable steps, so you can apply them instantly and see results more quickly. Feeling more confident in certain areas? Just fly through those sections and spend more time on areas that may be holding you back. It’s completely self-paced. The strategies you’ll learn will be easy to apply, don’t be surprised to see results early on as these people have:  

What Others Are Saying

It is packed full of great ideas that are easy to do and super effective. Doing the challenge got me more page likes and more paying clients... YAY! Thanks Chantal - Lina
Thank you Chantal for all your phenomenal Facebook coaching thus far! It’s our second session and I am already seeing results. There is a lot to take in and I felt a bit overwhelmed at first, but Chantal is first class all the way. She has shown me what to do and how to do it so I maximise our business exposure, generating more leads and achieving results. Highly recommend! - Rafaela
I have been doing Chantal’s 14 day challenge and have already seen an increase not only in activity on my Facebook but also traffic to my website. It is great to have someone keeping me accountable and helping me to create consistency on my page. - Jacinda
Love Chantal's energy, she has helped me with my Facebook profile and my business page, I got the most engagement since we made change. - Savannah
The programmes are amazing and My sales have increased with each programme I have done. Chantal has a wealth of knowledge, which She delivers in a passionate , energetic, caring way. - Lizzy
Chantal has brought passion and life back in to my Business! Her professional and friendly manner has put me at ease, and my business confidence has improved out of site. Her strategies work, I have even had customers contact me within minutes of improving my page. Thank you - Alison

Without further ado, let me introduce to you…

The DIY Facebook Marketing Course

Here's What You'll Get

16 self-paced modules with videos, additional resources and Tasks

These value packed modules alone have taken over 5 years of learning and costly mistakes, and more than $2000 to create, refine and package for you in an easy-to-follow format to get results. ($1997 value)

Content scheduling template

All you need to know about Facebook lives e-book

Facebook live cheat sheet

DIY Facebook marketing workbook

Finding your niche checklist

How to beat the algorithm

Top ten niche research tools

Finding your niche

How to get clients

How to grow your Facebook page

Running events using Facebook

Using Facebook groups

Major Bonus Expires Soon!!

The online weekly group training has been created to offer education and support to those orientating the maze of business and Facebook. 

Being in business can be lonely. Sometimes we need to know someone is there for you, we need the accountability, the feedback and guidance to stay on track and keep moving forward.

Total Value: $1,997

Your Investment: Only $997

Course Curriculum 

  • M1: Welcome to Facebook 101
  • M2: Business Basics
  • M3: Facebook Fundamentals
  • M4: Personal Branding : Set Up A Professional Personal Profile
  • M5: Facebook Privacy Settings And Safety
  • M6: Create A Facebook Page That Stands Out.
  • M7: Generate Leads, Run Events, Review Insights & Scheduling
  • M8: The Power Of The Finger: Algorithm Training Video
  • M9: Content That Converts
  • M10: Content Strategy
  • M11: Avoiding Conflict, Influencer’s & Expectations
  • M12: Post Practice
  • M13: Attraction Marketing, Networking & Facebook Groups
  • M14: Facebook Lives, Video Marketing & Hashtags
  • M15: Strategy, Desirable Offer & Sales Process
  • M16: BONUS OFFER ($694 rrp)


✓ Bonus #1 An 8 week VIP membership to an exclusive, supportive community of like-minded people with weekly training and Q&A’s.  

It’s a place where you get to ask questions, where people build each other up, where no one is “too old to learn”, where no questions are “too dumb”, and where people will be rooting for your success.

✓ Bonus # 2 Do It Yourself Facebook Ad’s.

Once you nail your organic content feel confident knowing you can achieve great results yourself utilising Facebook’s ad manager. You also receive these ten modules:

M1: How To Get Started With Facebook Ads

M2: Getting To Know The Facebook Ads Manager

M3: Facebook Ads vs. Boosted Posts

M4: How To Optimise Your Facebook Ad Design

M5: Gain Maximum Exposure Using Custom Targeted Audiences

M6:  How To Use Retarget Marketing With Facebook

M7: Split Testing Your Facebook Ads For Optimum Performance

M8: Boost Your Profits With Facebook Dynamic Ads

M9: How To Lower Your Overall Facebook Ad Budget

M 10: How To Create A Facebook Lead Capture Funnel

That’s a real bargain for a media-rich course (with visuals, videos and LIVE interactions) that compiles:

✓ 3 years worth of tried and tested strategies that have actually worked for business owners all over the world.

✓ 5 years worth of costly mistakes (which you can now easily avoid)


  You could easily join the ranks of highly successful business owners who never have to worry about consistently generating sales because they have a solid system in place… Or you could still be scratching your head, wondering why all those years you spent duct-taping your own strategy never brought you anything more than disappointing results.  

What Happens If You Don’t Take This Course

We live in a time where having a solid online presence for your brand is key to survival, so using Facebook tools to promote your business has now become a must. But doing it yourself without proper guidance is more dangerous than you’ll probably imagine. Here’s why…

You may end up throwing away THOUSANDS of dollars due to ‘advertising gone wrong’.

You’ll have to keep on relying on others for results – paying graphic designers, Facebook ad managers, content writers or social media marketers. The cost easily adds up to to around $500 per week, which translates to $26,000 per year

Think you can pull off a Facebook live on a whim? One wrong step and you’ll seriously hurt your brand’s reputation. This is a painful experience that sadly some businesses never recovered from.

But, if you take this course, you’ll be able to:

Fail-proof your Facebook so you actually reap profits.

Get more done in a matter of hours than several employees do in a day. You’ll learn to use unbelievably easy shortcuts to handling multiple tasks (like content management)

Follow a simple formula to actually generate paying clients – not just ‘likes’ and ‘shares’


Do It Yourself Facebook Ad’s program & 8 Weeks Online Training.

Expires soon. (Value $694)


“Easy to Follow and Practical”

I’m going to admit – it will take a bit of work to master everything. Anything that helps you succeed, WILL. But I promise you this: You’ll find that the steps in this course will be EASY to follow; you won’t have any excuse not to do them.  
This course will give you a wealth of knowledge that will BELONG TO YOU FOR A LIFETIME. I am confident that you will earn back your investment many times over in a shorter span of time – if you choose to act now.

Just to show you I’m not exaggerating…

“Generated $16,500 in Sign Ups”

One of my clients, Ben, is a business coach who wanted to expand his business to another part of Australia, so he planned a lead-generating event to get in front of a new audience. With the help of the same strategic Facebook marketing practices that are taught in this course, he filled the event and generated $16,500 in sign ups thereafter.  

“Signed a $20,000 Contract”

Recently, another client also just messaged me that he signed a $20,000 contract from a deal closed through Facebook.


I’d love nothing more than to hear about YOUR good news the next time around.

I went into this facebook session in a dingy and now I’m leaving on a speed boat. Chantal Gerardy has opened my eyes to Facebook and I am now armed with the knowledge to be able to help our painting business grow and flourish. Thanks Chantal Gerardy


Thank you so much Chantal for the help with my face book page. I now feel confident when using face book for my business page. It’s great to know the when, how, what and why, I should be posting. I feel good about my page and the response that it’s getting.


Before attending today’s workshop I felt “like a fish out of water”, with Chantal’s expertise I am now ” a fish in water”. Highly Recommend. Now in my business, Zero Bank Fees EFTPOS and e-commerce”, i am much better placed to educate and inform my potential and existing clients


Chantal has been an awesome coach giving me confidence to navigate, engage & promote myself and my Pest Control business on Facebook & build lasting relationships. Chantal is a whirl wind of enthusiasm, support & action who makes it so easy. I didn’t even bust a sweat getting Facebook Fit! lol So do it!



Do It Yourself Facebook Ad’s program & 8 Weeks Online Training.

Expires soon. (Value $694)

Take Charge of Your Business

Investing in yourself means having total control of your business. Yes… YOU , The business owner, are the best person to manage your profile. Nobody knows your business better than you do. You have the passion, you understand your clients, and you are the person most driven to succeed. You just need some help learning.    Learn from an award-winning Facebook Strategist who has a no-nonsense teaching style and the passion to bring out the best in people, even those who think they can’t.


Chantal Gerardy’s enthusiasm and excitement are contagious. Even after our free half-hour introduction, I have some ideas and motivation for Facebook again after spending a lot and getting very little from Facebook Ads in the past. Thank you for your support, Chantal.


I love Chantal’s enthusiasm for helping others and her broad level of knowledge. It was great doing her workshop today to help get me on track with my business goals, particularly in regards to branding and looking at my target audience. Thanks Chantal!


Chantal Knows by Tried & Proven Methods And She genuinely wants you to Success in this ever changing world of Social Media. Chantal Knows by Tried & Proven Methods And She genuinely wants you to Success in this ever changing world of Social Media


Finding Chantal was like a breath of fresh air, her down to earth, clear, no nonsense approach was just what we needed. Chantal’s real life experience in business and marketing is priceless, I have rarely found someone who can give you so much value for your business in a such a short amount of time.


Meet Chantal

Hi, I'm Chantal Gerardy.

Award winning Facebook Strategist

I wasn’t always the passionate and enthusiastic business coach and motivator that my clients see today. When I moved to the Gold Coast 11 years ago, I knew no one. I had three kids under the age of five, and the business I was in was heavily saturated in this area. Out of pure desperation, I fumbled my way through Facebook trying to get any results. I invested in myself and took a lot of programs that didn’t help much. I made A LOT of costly mistakes; shed a lot of tears. It took me 5 years before I finally figured it all out.

It was then that I decided I didn’t want people to go through the same things I did. I’m determined to teach them everything I learned the hard way. As of today, I’m happy to have helped over 100 businesses and professionals worldwide use Facebook to generate leads and maximize sales for their businesses. Most of them first thought it was going to be hard. But after applying the strategies I taught, they were transformed from confused beginners to confident pros.

Chantal Gerardy has a Diploma in Social Media Marketing and is an Award Winning Facebook Strategist.


Do It Yourself Facebook Ad’s program & 8 Weeks Online Training.

Expires soon. (Value $694)


It is a completely self-paced online course, so you get to decide when to start and when to finish. Each module may take 20 to 60 minutes and completing it will depend on your implementation of each task.

We strive to give you valuable updated information, so please be sure to download your workbooks and resources within three months of starting your course, so you don’t risk losing them during an update.

Lessons are delivered via video and a workbook is to be completed throughout the course, along with tasks to action on Facebook.

Videos are done via online & live training. We have chosen this format because the participants also help you gain clarity in effectively using Facebook for your business.


Do It Yourself Facebook Ad’s program & 8 Weeks Online Training.

Expires soon. (Value $694)