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Why I dropped Facebook

  1. Facebook was actually penalizing me. So the more that I spoke about Facebook in my content the more they penalized my content reach.
  2. Should I ever want to go into Facebook advertising or should I ever want to use my bot I’m going to be penalized? It’s against community standards and they’ll just ban me or block me.  I had to spell Facebook, “Facebook”  to avoid penalisation. But then people would think and say I can’t spell so I had to deal with those objections too.
  3. I was sick and tired of people contacting me because they couldn’t contact Facebook. I don’t know all the technical stuff on why peoples pages have been deleted etc. People have been blocked from the Facebook marketplace for an entire year because people don’t know how to use Facebook. I don’t want to be contacted for those reasons.
  4. The problem often isn’t Facebook. It’s often everything else. A key point of what I promote is human to human connection. So taking the business relationship offline. Using Facebook as a tool to get yourself known and then moving the relationship offline. So by me dropping Facebook it will show people that I’m not building my business on Facebook. I have a bigger vision.
  5. People are often missing an offline strategy. Meaning their business is just not right to start with. So Facebook’s not really the problem. Many of them don’t have a business model. They don’t have time management, they’re not sure who their client is, what their offer is, who their client avatar is, maybe they’re having mindset issues too. So with all these, the problem isn’t often Facebook the problem is actually the business model.
  6. Often there are other things that are missing or are needed. For example, maybe they want to write a book or do a Facebook challenge or a webinar they want to run or they’ve got a podcast or they want to run a competition. There are all these other things that they need to do of which some of which are on Facebook. But some of them actually aren’t on Facebook and people forget that and neglect the non-Facebook related necessities.
  7. There are systems or software missing. A lot of what I do is being able to look at a business and establish what the missing piece is. The customer journey and using the funnel system which may show Facebook is not the problem but rather something else.
  8. Everyone always asks me do I do other socials as well and the reality- yes I do because I’m actually a qualified social media marketer. I have a diploma in social media marketing which I got probably two years ago now. This means I can do other socials but Facebook is still my primary platform so I did want to explain that as well. But what I’m very passionate about is people respecting the social media platforms. Whatever platform they use they must respect it and its systems to gain the best possible customer reach.
  9. Email marketing.  So one of the reasons I dropped Facebook is because a lot of what I do focus is on being able to structure up that email marketing. If you don’t have it, set it up, teach people how to use it, automate some of the systems, get those nurture sequences in place and have those customer journeys in place.
  10. Training. I do a lot of training for virtual assistants, administrators and wives. If I keep calling myself a Facebook strategist I think sometimes it takes away from the fact that I actually do coach a lot of people on the running of everything and I’m hoping that the online business strategist now has an essence of that.
  11. I don’t do Facebook ads so I don’t want people constantly harassing me asking for Facebook ads.  You’ve got to get your entire online business strategy in place first before you even think about going to advertising so I’m hoping that I’ll get a lot fewer inquiries around ads because I’m now focusing on online business strategies.  

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