Hotline – Facebooks version of Clubhouse

If Instagram Live and Clubhouse had a baby it would be called Hotline!

Here are my tips.

Number one is first to speak to the audience exactly like Clubhouse. Except that it’s Q&A based it’s all about asking questions and then you can text or talk a reply.

Number two is that unlike Clubhouse you can actually turn on the camera.

Number three it’s based on Q&A they realized that that is the way to go. So if you want more engagement in your groups what should you do? focus on more Q&A.

Number four it looks similar to Clubhouse and Twitter spaces.

Number five it’s a bit weird in that you sign in with Twitter and then you verify your identity over SMS. Not sure why it’s Twitter, however.

Number six is really interesting the audience can up-vote or down-vote questions. So you ask a whole bunch of questions and then they can actually vote which questions they want more of or less of. So that’s where the engagement is in now because everybody’s fighting for their question to be answered by the professional who’s holding the event.

Number seven is the eventer can then choose which questions to answer and can even bring people onto the stage to discuss. Very much like Clubhouse.

Number eight is that users can engage with emoji’s, they’ve got clap hands, fire, heart, laughter, surprise and thumbs up emoji’s thus it is more engaging.

Number nine to start it off Facebook employees are going to be moderating it and watching out for people who violate community standards. Which is not a bad thing.

Number ten is it automatically records the event and you can download it and use it for your other socials. Or even for podcasting. So from a repurposing perspective, this has been a big issue in Clubhouse but with Hotline it is easy.

Number 11 is anyone can join and there’s no limit to the audience size. It is intended as an audio and video multimedia platform that can help people learn from experts using Q&A.

However when they were asked if Hotline was in competition with Clubhouse and they actually said no. They’re developing something in messenger rooms which is going to rival clubhouse so watch the space.

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