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How to craft your story to sell

Re-telling your story reinforces what you want people to believe. It inspires people, motivates people and it lets them see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Never stop sharing your story. It helps to change people’s beliefs and it also gives them hope. In the fact that being uncomfortable and growing and being challenged is actually going to result in something that is beneficial for them.

In your stories include external as well as internal (personal) challenges to get the audience emotionally invested in your story. As opposed to just a story on your external hardships. For example: “I moved to a new country didn’t have any money and I started my business”. Not very emotional. But, speaking about how stressed and overwhelmed you were and how it wasn’t just career issues but personal issues too will bring in the audience to be emotionally engaged with your story.

Make sure that it includes breakthroughs and how does it relate to your audience.  For example: “I invested in myself and my ability to do business better because I had no other choice”. This will relate to other business owners.

Always discuss your desire at that time –For example:  “I’d always said I wanted to own my own house in Australia and i wanted to have control over my business”.

It is important to talk about the things that you learned along the way too.

So you’ve taken your story and made it relevant to your audience. You’ve added descriptive heartfelt words to connect with your audience and made them believe in you and themselves.

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