How to generate leads on Facebook

How to generate leads on Facebook.

Firstly don’t focus on the WRONG people! With 50% of leads dropping off at each stage, to increase lead flow, it is important to have a strategy in place and to analyse your client personas, plus your own Facebook Insights.

Your customer journey should look a little like this…
  • Nurture customers with new original content. Catch their eye, show them what makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • User-generated content. Get your users involved, some of the best marketing campaigns out use, user-generated content to reach the masses, I’m looking at you Starbucks! Have you heard of their red cup campaign?
  • Giveaways. What better way to get people sharing your content and talking about your business than a giveaway.
  • Lead generation. This is the first step in the sales cycle so the above information will come in handy in analysing your target market and adjusting the above steps to appeal to your ideal audience.
  • Call to action. Direct your customers to exactly where you need them, be incredibly clear on this one.
  • Signup. Get them on your email list so that if you don’t make a sale the first time you can continue to foster the relationship and retarget.
The lead flow looks like this…

Leads > Qualified > Prospects > Customers > Repeat Customers

To generate more leads, try this:
🙌 Share links to gated content (eg. subscribe)
🙌 Run competitions
🙌 Create New relevant and original content that builds trust and authority
🙌 Hold a webinar
🙌 Include various calls to action
🙌 Have a good product or service that perfectly solves your client’s problem
🙌 Nurture Leads (Respond!)

If this all still seems a little confusing I’d love you to book a free Facebook health check and when can discuss ways to achieve these results above.

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