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How To Leave A Facebook Review

Do you want to know how to leave a Facebook review? Yes? So Facebook has a link for people to leave you a review…Yay! which means social credibility for your business.

But this is something that you actually have to switch on in your settings so make sure that it is switched on.  You will find it in the settings tab of your page. There is also a URL link there that you can copy and share with clients when you ask them to leave you a review.

BUT, Facebook review tab is really not very well laid out.

It is not easy to see exactly what you have to do and you are probably losing reviews simply because people don’t know what you have to do so they just give up.  So have a look at your review tab and when you ask your clients to leave you a review explain to them the process; 

Once they have clicked on the link you share with them they will be taken to the Review page.

There they will find a tab that asks if you want to leave a Recommendation – they need to press YES. ONLY THEN does the comment box open.

unfortunately the post button is greyed out.  So you will need to explain that ONLY when they have reached 25 characters, will the post button become active. So they need to leave a substantial sentence and not just a “they were great”

So when sharing the link it’s a great idea to mention, ‘Hi, please leave me a review by following this link and selecting YES to leave a few sentences.’ 

Ideally, you should try and get them to give you a review while you are still wrapping up with them, and you are still with them. Get them to grab their phone, talk them through the process (or do it for them) I find this is the best way to ensure you get the review.  Once they are out the door your chances are a lot less. 

Other methods include sending a follow-up email or call asking for a review or running a competition to incentivise action.

Did you have any questions? I’d be happy to go over them with you, you can book a call below or check out the awesome Do It Yourself Marketing course.

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