How to post a video with captions

How to post a video With captions on your page using the Facebook creator studio and save them to a playlist.
An interesting statistic – 86% of the people watching my videos watch with the sound off!

This information can be found in the Insights section of your page.  But what this means is that you cannot rely on your sound to grab their attention.  This is where captions come in handy. 

The captions section can be accessed in the Facebook creator studio when you are uploading the videos. Your own text can be added to your video to grab the attention of those who do not have their sound on. Which, is 86% of people.

It is also a good idea to add your videos to a playlist. Especially if you have a lot of videos on different subjects.  A prospective client may only be interested in one sector of your expertise and will lose interest if they have to sift through all the videos to find the ones they want.  So add your videos to playlists. That way they can easily find all the videos that you have on that particular subject.

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