How to prepare if Facebook is down?

How to prepare if Facebook is down?

Are you ensuring you follow these steps to get potential clients off the platform and on to something more secure like an email list of your website? So that if Facebook is down it won’t hurt your business.

1) Make Genuine Connections: Really Know the people you connect and engage with on Facebook. Enough that you would remember them, and they you, if Facebook went down.

2) Take your Relationships Offline: Capture your leads, clients and enquiries off facebook. Keep a database of names, mobile numbers and email addresses, plus a little note of any history, to further nurture your relationships offline. Make the effort to meet people in person, through zoom or even have a call to get to know each other better.

3) Be Memorable: Consistency is paramount across all platforms, which includes the visuals (name, font, colours, logo etc), key messaging and your personal branding. If Facebook went down, you would still remain the forefront of the mind, and easy to find.

4) Don’t keep all your eggs in 1 basket: Part of your ongoing strategy should be to have an online presence across all the platforms, utilising your website and building an email database.

How did facebook being down, affect you?

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