Chantal gerardy Privacy and Safety using your Facebook profile.

How to prevent losing your Facebook profile

How to prevent losing your Facebook profile

“I know what I’m doing on Facebook” and then BOOM they get hacked or even have their profile deleted or business page closed.

  1. ONLY set up 1 Facebook personal profile using 1 email. Soooooo don’t set up multiple personal profiles using different email addresses. And that means if you set up an old account, recover the password and DELETE IT before creating or using a new one.
  2. Your business page should be set up when you are logged in to your account. That means, don’t let someone else set up your business page on their account.
  3. It is not advisable to give out your login details. If you have to then change them, and be very careful who you give admin access to on your page. If you do have admins, make sure they are well aware of what they can or can’t do on that page?
  4. Use a strong password and log out of Facebook when you not using it.
  5. Never accept friend requests from ‘strangers’ (even if you have mutual friends). They may be scammers so be selective. Have a good stalk and use your intuition.
  6. Never click suspicious links or into suspicious-looking messages.
  7. Remove your tag from suspicious-looking posts you may be tagged in.
  8. Use the security options on Facebook, they are there for a reason. Set up alerts for unrecognised logins, set up 2-factor authentication.
  9. Whatever you use in your business, you should learn to use well. Always be in full control.

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