Facebook challenges can get customers to know, like and trust you… which, in turn, will help your business grow.

Number 1: Have a Strategy

-Keep your end goal in mind and make sure the challenge is logical in that each day is aiming toward that final sale

– The cheaper the sale the easier it is usually under five hundred dollars

– Make sure the challenge has a good, catchy name to stop a viewer and make them want to say yes and make them want to join the 3-5 day challenge.

Number 2: Who is The Sale For?

-Stalk your client targets and get to know what to do to effectively communicate what you want to sell.

Number 3: Structure your Challenge

-The “Trello” app is a great application to plan, organise and set up your challenges and its content.

-Structure how you are going to deliver the content too. Will you send reminders via email or add them to a group? Will you do a live every day or scheduled content into the group? Choose your form of communication and delivery and make sure it is organised, on time and understandable.

-Make sure it is value based, outcome based and that what you promised at the beginning of the challenge has been given to participants.

Number 4: The Giveaway

-What will they “win” or get out of participating in the challenge?  It must be logical or desirable to make people want to put in the work to win.

-What is the upsell? Do you want to sell them into a program or a desirable discovery call? What is the thing that you want the challenge to result in them buying?

Number 5: Promotion

-Send it to your referral partners, ask your “cheerleaders” to share your name and the challenge, let your previous prospects know, use your email lists to spread the word, use social media, any groups of trusting people or customers that you can advertise in, use Facebook lives or past clients to keep them interested and current clients to add more value to their purchase

-Are you going to charge for the challenge, there are several pros and cons so the only way to know is to test.

You have to leave your customers with the promised goal so they know that your business is worth it and works. You must leave them wanting more and have a call to action. Use the FUNNEL TECHNIQUE!       

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