5 Tips On How To Write An Effective Email Marketing

Here are the timely tips that you must consider to effectively write a content in your email marketing. It’s more personal, more targeted, that can change the game for your business if you do right.

👉 Sender Name

Check the setting of this and TEST before sending. Depending on your platform, you may be able to better personalize this.

👉 Subject lines: Heavily responsible for open rates.

They need to be clear and catchy before cute. Always SPAM check before sending and be aware that !!! CAPS and MONEY inclusions could prevent your open rate. Use Emojis tastefully along with brackets. Use actionable customer focused emails. Keep the user top of mind. Try verbs like take, download, read, blog, podcast, ask so they know what to do. FOMO works well to. It needs to convey what they can expect from the email. 33 Characters works best. You can personalize (FIRST NAME). Always TEST before sending. It should speak to a specific audience you are targeting with the email content and be congruent. Always deliver on the promise from the subject line. Trickery doesn’t build trust. Humor doesn’t always translate.

👉 Preheader: Is a great opportunity to further explain email content.

👉 Content: Needs to be relevant.

They may not have read previous email, so always remind them how you know each other or who you are. Write to them using you, your, yours and reduce words I, we, ours. Focus on customer. Be value orientated over benefits orientated.

Readers skim read so keep it brief. To help engage the reader, try these:

🧲 Capitals

🧲 Emojis

🧲 1 sentence paragraphs

🧲 Word extensions eg. Have you seeeeeeeeeeeen this?

🧲 Use consistent fonts. A headline font, subheading font and font to write in.

🧲 When adding your one call to action, use a noticeable button and url hidden under compelling words.

🧲 Follow a logical structure

🧲 Dot Points

🧲 Italics

🧲 Paragraphs breaks

🧲 Images (personal, infographics, Gifs, video)

🧲 Be conversational and personable. Tell stories / metaphors

🧲 Keep paragraphs short and with only 1 idea

Remember to stay on point. Start by considering what is the point of this email.

The customer and their journey is paramount to understand and respect.

Give, Give, GET mentality.

Always proofread and spellcheck

👉 Emojis: Help keep your content expressive and trigger emotions. They help to engage, differentiate and stand out from other emails.

56% higher open rates with emojis and only 2% of people using them. Consider having brand associated emojis and use only relevant ones. Be careful to overuse them or use them incorrectly. POO emoji has the highest open rate. Always test as they show up different on all devices. To grab attention, use emergency, fire siren, thumbs down or up, lightening bolt, fire.

The biggest hack to determine what is best to use in emails is to look through your emails and see which headlines, templates and content evokes action from you.

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