7 Step process to create a landing page

Keyword Tools to find what’s Trending

Google Alert:

A google alert can be set up to show you what’s happening on Facebook with regards to social media marketing brands. Simply go into google, searching google alerts. This will open a page where you can create your own alerts.

More than one alert can be created,  for example, if someone googles social media or Facebook marketing.  You can even create an alert for your own name so you get notified instantly when someone googles your name.

You can delete and recreate different alerts and you can select how many times you get alerted or if you would rather get a single summed up email of all alerts at the end of the day.


The free option on Answer.com is more than adequate.

The location within your search can be selected which is really important.  You get two free searches per day which I recommend you save so that they are available when required.

This app tells you what people in the chosen location are searching for. This is a good strategy because then you can create content that you know your target audience is curious about. Using this information wisely will help you be found easily online.  

This information can be used to help you choose better headings for your content. This will ensure that your content will reach viewers eyes and will come up in their search engines.


This provides you with a calendar that gives you the awareness weeks, therefore, if any of these are relevant to your customer or relevant to you, you can now go in and schedule this content according to relevance.

Google Keyword Planner  (keywordtool.io) :

You can only use the keyword planner if you’re doing a google ads campaign.  

Using this tool you can find the keywords that you should be using in your content. This will ensure that you can be found with ease.

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