How To Set Up A Podcast

We do not always need perfection but we do need things to work effectively.


This is a paid programme. You get two weeks for free and you can select a different payment package which will begin after your two-week trial.

The programme allows you to create podcasts and it automatically shares them onto Apple, Spotify and Google and it is very user friendly.

What is your strategy for having a podcast?

  • To make money.
  • to get someone’s email address so that you can nurture them and sell them something
  • brand awareness
  • to gain content

Using podcast.com:

Complete all the details on your page which can be shared or published to reach a larger audience.

You have to come up with an enticing name that’s going to make somebody want to listen to your podcast.

Canva allows you to create a podcast image to the correct size to avoid the hassle of your image not fitting.

Set up your page:

  1. Create a cover image that attracts viewers and is consistent with your branding
  2. Set up your page details, choose your url and make sure that you add a contact button to receive emails
  3. Put in your social channels  i haven’t done that yet


  1. Make sure you keyword searches and your categories are right
  2. Ensure that your description has your story, talks about what it is, the problem you are addressing, display your social proof and credibility
  3. Add your email address in the description to ensure easy accessibility
  4. Dont forget to include a call to action by adding a join link.

Add the Audio:

  1. Download the audio whichever platform you’re using (I use Zoom)
  2. Edit your audio and re-download if necessary
  3. Open podcast.com
  4. Upload episode
  5. Chose a title
  6. Select a new cover image
  7. Add a description and your email address!
  8. Choose whether or not it’s public, unlisted or scheduled.
  9. You can share or download your podcast by selecting the three dots

podcast.com also does help you find guests for your show it’s called matchmaker.com but as I always say “be careful who you get into bed with”

After completing your podcast page and uploading your first podcast you can then take your blog or take that recording and you can repurpose those into smaller snippets as social media content!

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