Zapier, basically integrates absolutely everything for all your website software’s and it helps to share the data between them and it automates your workflows. It basically passes, or “zaps” the information between two platforms which is a much faster process. Meaning that you’ve got less manual work to do and you don’t have to rely on VA’s doing it for you. It certainly saves you time and it certainly helps with you increasing your productivity. And it has about 2 000 plus app integrations.  

You will receive a report to say how many zaps happened this week. So you’ve still got to check to make sure everything is actually happening and working. But, you’d have to do that with your VA as well. You’ve got to update your apps or make sure they’re all connected and in communication with one another. It is important that you understand the workflow so that you can ensure it is running smoothly.

For example:

-Somebody books a call

-They’ve then got to be added to my database

-From the database, they’ve got to be sent a follow-up email reminder

-They’ve got to be sent a booking link

And sometimes more…

There are all these flows in the customer journey and it’s important that you map out those customer flows first to go what is the next logical step. You then need to evaluate what Zapier can do and where it will make your life easier in terms of manual labour by automating your customer journey.

Zapier has a free version and paid version. The only difference between the two is that you get five zaps and you get up to 100 tasks for free whereas on the paid version you get 20 zaps and you get 750 tasks. And on the free version, you’re only allowed a single-step zap, for example, you can’t zap from your calendar to your website to your email system you’d have to then do the paid version for a multi-step zap.

In my opinion, there is less error in Zapier than there will be with a VA. I find it very user-friendly all you’ve got to do is set the conditions once you understand what your workflow is. However, I do suggest manually mapping it out first and decide what you want to happen. What apps you’ll need, and how to make it happen.

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