End of Financial Year!

“Money moves at the energy that you give towards it”

You need to look backward to move forward. Analyze your past results and establish what you need to do to reach your intended goal for the year to come.

One of the most important things in business is making a clear decision. And the only way we can make clear decisions is if we have proof and we can analyze previous statistics, what’s worked or not worked.

Another important aspect is that you need to be intentional with everything that you do. If you wake up every day and you’re not intentional you’re going to feel like you’re not going anywhere and you’re going to get frazzled. This is why looking at your EOFY stats can be monumental in your goal to a profitable business.

You need to see and feel like someone who achieves something. Analyze your past and commit to making changes and lastly go all in and back yourself while you take your slightly calculated leap of faith.

You have to get used to being uncomfortable.

When you start feeling uncomfortable it is not always a sign that you’re doing something wrong. It could also be a sign that you’re stretching yourself and that you’re growing. The only way you can know if that feeling of discomfort is a bad sign or a sign of growth is to take a leap and trust your intuition. You have to learn who you are. Look at influential people in your life and their tendencies and attitudes to help learn self-awareness too so that you can then establish why you may do or feel certain things. These behaviors and attitudes can tie into financial awareness by analyzing your spending habits and actions to see what slight alterations you can make to improve your EOFY stats.

All progress starts with the truth

So stand there look at your finances for the last year and tell yourself “I am where I am because of what I did”.

You need to commit to yourself and make bold claims to better yourself. E.g. I’m committed to posting on social media, I’m committed to making money I’m committed to investing in the right people!

Ask yourself questions and analyze how you can better yourself not just with finances but in all areas. Health, wealth, social, etc. And what can you commit to, to become better?

We need to be kind with ourselves while being assertive in the changes we know need to take place. You evolve and your environment evolves so flexibility is vital along with clarity of your flaws. You see your flaws, you understand them, and you

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