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A Down to Earth Professional I can relate to the audience from years of practical experience.
My high energy fun presentations embody very practical ideas for implementation
I believe in PLAYOLOGY
Does this mean all play and no work – NO !
It means you ensure your personal needs are not lost in the work

Chantal Gerardy is an International award winning online marketing coach. Having helped thousands of business owners manage their online marketing more productively and profitable, she began to notice a pattern. Her 20 years prior experience in health, wellness and fitness, made it noticeable that the business owners who prioritised a more balanced approach to work, life balance, not only spent less time online, but got better results and had a better quality of life. Chantal will not only share her personal rollercoaster of marketing and growing her own business whilst being a mum of 3 daughters (all under the age of 5 years), but will share what the best online marketing hacks are, along with ways to unleash their Inner Player to live a more soul satisfying life. Play has been proven to improve creativity and problem solving skills, which are all necessary to be a successful business owner. Chantal is purpose driven, passionate and practical in her presentations and offers not only education and humour, but also inspiration.

Keynote Topics

Empowering Your Business and Life

In this engaging and inspiring speaking topic, Chantal, a seasoned entrepreneur, and life enthusiast, shares her powerful message of overcoming fear and unlocking your true potential. Her personal journey from relocating to a new country with her family and navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship serves as a compelling backdrop for her message.

Playology – The Game Changer:

Chantal Gerardy champions the power of PLAYOLOGY. She encourages individuals and organizations to unleash their inner PLAYER:
From Chantal’s presentation participants will gain strategies and motivation to choose a better balanced lifestyle which will not only help them perform better, but be happier.


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Mixed with humour, story telling and practical tips, you’ll finally start to enjoy your social media marketing and reap results.

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Sam Cawthorn recommends hiring Chantal Gerardy as a speaker “Amazing message Powerful tangible takeaways based in evidence”

Sam Cawthorne Speakers Institute

The otherwise silent audience laugh as they engage with Chantal’s presentation. They are attentive as she draws them into the story they will never forget. Her relaxed yet professional style is captivating.
An International Award Winning Marketing Strategist the message is powerful, practical and actionable
“I’ll show you how to have fun while staying in love with your business”

What Clients are Saying

Birthe Nohrden, Founder of TeamTalks

Dennis Hall of Business & Jobs Expo

"I have known Chantal Gerardy for ten years and I admire how she has built her business. I engaged Chantal as a speaker a number of times for the Small Business Expos that I ran for 8 years. Chantal also hosted the Speed Networking Events activity which was a key part of the Expo program each year. Chantal currently hosts our stand alone Speed Networking Events which are held quarterly and attract over 100 attendees. She can command a room and give clear instructions and training to any audience. She also presents her key topics with professionalism and strength. Chantal is all about giving value to any audience she presents to. Many speakers in the digital space are all about themselves, but Chantal is committed to giving business owners the tools to be successful in their businesses and is patient and kind through her communications. I do recommend Chantal as an Event MC, a main speaker on her key topics and an event host."
Regards Paula Brand
Founder Small Business Expos
Owner Speed Networking Gold Coast.

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