You are your business and your business is you.

We need to be clear on who we are and how we want to be remembered. Think of it this way – morbid as it may be – If you were to pass on tomorrow,  what would people say about you in your eulogy?

It is all about coming to terms with who you are and how you want to be seen.  This involves a bit of self-reflection and soul searching. What are your values? What is important to you? What are your limits? What are your non-negotiables?

People will make a judgement on you with a glance at your profile – you need to ensure that that first impression is what you want.  It is very difficult to change a person’s first impression.  Your profile needs to be memorable for the right reasons. 

  1. Don’t be everything to everyone.  And especially don’t be fluffy. Be who you are and not who everyone wants you to be.  Put some thought into who you want to be and how you want to be remembered.  Keeping your key messaging consistent and focused is very important in getting the correct impression across to potential clients.   Help people to make up their minds about you so that you can attract the right kind of people.
  2. Authenticity.  Do not try to be something you are not.  There are some people that constantly change who they are.  Can these people really be trusted? Can you really take them seriously?  Is that sort of person going to be reliable? Be you, you are the best you that there is. Don’t try to be someone or something else.  Personal branding is about building confidence and trust.  This cannot be done if you are constantly changing who you are.
  3. Tell your story.  Your story is who you are and how you got to where you are.  It must be truthful and it must help them to connect with you.  This story gives you that human feel and allows people to know, like and trust you.
  4. Be consistent and have a narrow focus. You want to be recognized for your key messaging.  The smallest inconsistencies in your messaging has the potential to derail you.  Stick to your key messaging.
  5. Vulnerability.  Nobody is perfect, nobody has a perfect life.  Failures humanize you and they allow people to relate to you on a human level.
  6. Community involvement. People what to see what you do and what you do for your community.   
  7. Pay attention to trends and common interests.  Show interest in things that your potential clients show interest in.  I.e., environmental concerns, political happenings etc.
  8. Your business and your personal branding is one.  People want to know who they are handing over their hard-earned money to.  
  9. Word of mouth – this is your most important marketing technique.  Put yourself out there so that you are in the forefront of people’s minds.  Do podcasts, do collaborations, lives etc. 10. Keep your reputation clean.  There will always be trolls and you need to learn how to deal with them in a professional manner

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