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Planting Seeds Of Success

Achieving success is very much like planting seeds.  

You have to believe and trust that when you buy those seeds, and you plant those seeds, that they are going to grow. So it starts with the belief side of things, which means you’ve got to trust and give up some of that control. 


You’ve got to prepare the soil – space for your seeds to grow and mature. Here is how to preparing yourself physically, emotionally and energetically.

  • Elimination. You have got to eliminate the things that aren’t serving you. So in order to create space, you have got to eliminate the things that are taking up your time and are not serving you. It could be bad relationships, or it could be things that are just wasting your time, like networking or going to lunches.
  • Forgiveness. Think of forgiveness as a colonic. If you’ve got a knotted digestive system and everything is all clogged up and infected, the food cannot actually flow through. Unless you let go of things holding you back you can’t create space for success. I have a forgiveness ritual – we do a Forgiveness Bonfire, the best time is on a full moon.  The challenge is to come up with 30 things that you’ve got to forgive yourself for and 30 things to forgive other people for.  When you start taking note of it you realize how much stuff actually holds you back emotionally.  Basically what you need to do is cut that cord.  You don’t have to accept what they did, But you can release that cord from it having any impact in you.

You plant those seeds.  And when you plant those seeds:

  • You are going to do it thoughtfully;
  • You are going to do it purposefully;  
  • You are going to do it intentionally;
  • You are going to do it respectfully;
  • You are going to think about where you’re going to put them;
  • You are not going to read the little instructions at the back;
  • You are going to do it with intent.
  • You are going to finish what you started.

You are not just going to leave them or go and plant some more seeds if those don’t grow.  You are actually going to make an effort with those seeds to get them growing. Unfortunately, what often happens is people plant the seeds and then move on to plant other seeds, or to go plant a tree, or to go and clean out the cupboard or to go do something else. And they don’t actually follow through.  They keep jumping from seed to seed.  I see this a lot when business owners want to rebrand or they keep changing direction because they are incapable of seeing something through. What this does is it disrespects the process of the intent that you had.  By not following through with it shows that you’re not committed to actually getting the results that you want.


After you’ve planted the seeds, you’re now going to nurture those seeds.  Which means it’s going to need a bit of water.  You are going to have to watch the sun.  You might have to move them around.  It requires energy and the right attitude to bring your seeds into fruition.


When you see those flowers bloom.  You must enjoy it. Be joyful about it.  Show gratitude and celebrate it. When you focus on all the amazing little things and less on the shitty things around you then you are putting yourself in a more positive frame of mind and you start to see other opportunities.  Because often, opportunities are missed because you’re looking behind you instead of ahead.  

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