Chantal gerardy Privacy and Safety using your Facebook profile.

Privacy and Safety using your Facebook profile.

Privacy and Safety using your Facebook profile.

Facebook is a safe platform if you know how to set it up and use it properly. Your privacy, on your personal profile, is a priority according to facebooks standard. You can control what personal information and what posts, people on your profile will see.

Here is the Channel 9 News interview showing you my 4 TOP Tips to set up a Safe profile.

1) On your laptop, use the down drop arrow at the top right side, to access your settings.

2) Explore your tagging, privacy and face recognition options and be sure to make sense of it. There are options to tag review, add or remove tags and even an option to allow Facebook to show you any ‘faces’ on Facebook that maybe you. I like this option to detect any fake profiles there may be of you on facebook.

3) Set up your ABOUT SECTION & Create POSTS being mindful of each privacy option. On each post, Use the drop-down arrow to choose a privacy setting. Setting it to PUBLIC (everyone can see it, even if they aren’t your friends on facebook), friends (only friends added to your page can see it), friends of friends, friends except or specific friends only.

4) Know how to BLOCK and REPORT inappropriate content or people, and quickly! Click into the person’s profile, click on the 3 dots near the friends/following tab, and block or report. In settings, you can also unblock or explore more blocking options. If you find a fake profile of yourself, report it in these steps above.

Facebook is not going anyway. It is a valuable social media platform for connecting with family, friends or building your business. If we are going to use these platforms, we need to understand them and use them properly, and to their full capabilities. In fact, NOT USING THEM properly can damage your personal or business branding.

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