Chantal’s VIP Facebook Mastermind

$97.00 for each 1 month



Weekly Training with your business in the spotlight you’ll get Q&As, LIVES, access to all training recordings, free entry into any of my online training (plus the bonuses that go with them), Support and up to date information. Purchase here and we’ll deduct $97 per month.
Do you want some support when it comes to Facebook?

This group has been created to offer education and support to those orientating the maze of business and Facebook.

Being in business can be lonely. Sometimes we need to know someone is there for you, we need the accountability, the feedback and guidance to stay on track and keep moving forward.

You’ll get;

This is a PAID subscription group of $97/month (cancel at 1 months notice.)

Soooooo what will you get?


All of the New / Relevant Content: Blogs, LIVES, Training resources in one convenient place

Weekly live training on relevant topics picked by you the business owner @ 1 pm Monday (Brisbane time).

During those sessions, we will go over your profiles, what is working and not, give constructive feedback and focus on anything holding you back.

I am ON TAP in this group: I’ll be there to hold your hand and answer any question you have.