Social Media Content Re-purposing Package


$69.00 for each 1 week

This is our Re-Purposing Content Creation Package. Prices start from $69 per week.

So you have nailed your Facebook content but need a helping hand with the other platforms?

Our Re-purposing package has you covered. What you’ll get:

Content, Engagement, Management and Other Social Media Channels

  • 3 posts per week 
  • Engagement
  • Custom Graphics
  • Brand Awareness
  • More Engagement


Socials include:

  • Custom graphic design posts using images from business or stock images
  • Unique Hashtags: Identify suitable hashtag sets to use for future posting i.e. location related, industry-related, service-related etc.
  • Competitors – Review of your competitors Instagram channels (up to x4) if supplied before preparation of a strategy.
  • Tagging of niche accounts to gain more viewers/followers

Engagement includes: (No Bots!) 

  • Brand engagement with customers/ideal target audience
  • Stories – polls, questions, re-sharing
  • Collaborations
  • Genuine commenting & liking (not just emojis)
  • Rapport building with relevant and/or local accounts


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