Social Media Marketing Management Plan



Pay upfront for our One Year Package of Social Media Marketing Management and Services Plan $180 x 52 weeks.

Is your Social Media causing you a headache?  Have you

❌ Given up Trying
🕓 Time to Outsource

Exhausted, Overwhelmed, Frustrated to name a few words business owners often use to describe how they feel when it comes to managing their business.

The thing is…
I believe the business owner is the best person to run their social media because….
they know their customer and product best, and are passionate about doing what they do.

You can’t expect to outsource your voice to someone and expect your socials to work (yes – its social media which is social) Cookie cutter, generic and fluffy just doesn’t work and unfortunately if you hand over your socials to your wife, daughter, next door neighbour, student or even gamble offshore, DON’T BE SURPRISED, WHEN IT DOESN’T WORK….. them being able to log in and make it pretty, doesn’t mean they know how to correctly set it up, strategically market your business, create compelling content or grow your profile with genuine prospects.
That’s the difference between having or NOT HAVING a strategy.

So I was NOT EXCITED to add social media management to our services in 2019….
Well… NOT UNLESS I could offer clients a solution that works for them, and I know will work.

So this is our offer and how we have been helping business owners.

  • We want YOU to be involved in your socials (so this isn’t for everyone – it’s for those who like control in their business)
  • We want to represent your brand and voice respectfully (so we will be giving you recommendations and asking for content
  • We want you to SPEND LESS TIME ONLINE (so we will respect your audience and platforms, and put your content out, whilst monitoring your insights and optimising)
  • We want you to make more money (What are you worth per hour? Is it worth you doing another hour of the work rather than struggling haphazardly online?)

What we won’t do…. We don’t do cookie cutter, general and fluffy. We dont believe in fake metrics
What we do do….. My social media managers are english, Australian and trained and overseen by me…. and we care that you are well represented online and your insights are on the UP and UP.

Our key focus is that you can get back to your genius

So again..
THIS ISN’T FOR EVERYONE…. So only APPLY if this above sounds RIGHT FOR YOU and your business  (AGAIN… how much are you worth per hour? How long do you spend doing your socials? Could this give you back your pleasure?)

Who is this for?
We have had great success in these industries:
Real Estate
Trades & Building
Many other service or niche based industries..

However, if your industry is not mentioned above, send an enquiry to arrange a chat to see if this opportunity can work for you ☺️


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