Running a professional business

Running a Professional Business

I’m going to run through my steps to running a professional business, and how to make sure you succeed in growing your business. Not only to succeed but thrive!

Firstly, Be clear on Why you Started your Business?

Fame, fortune, pride, help people, respected, industry leader, educate more people, a role model for kids, better lifestyle for your kids, change of your working hours, to leave a legacy, play and sleep more, be a speaker, coach, sell stuff, be a supporter, do something different,  stabilise your income, travel, Health, expert in industry……..

Whatever it is, don’t lose your why! You have an obligation to share your knowledge and skills and to follow through on your promises.

These are the steps I take when Starting a new Enterprise.
  • Always remember to m.i.p.i.e: Motivate, Inform, Promote, Inspire, Encourage Consistently. DAILY!
  • Map out your perfect week. Everything allocated just how you like it, and incorporating everything you want to do in regards to business, pleasure and your household. Put a dollar figure in each allocation, and then a strategy to reach those targets (set aside a start and finish time, and a plan).  Always Self-reflect on the result to determine what you can improve on and what worked well. Have an annual planner and weekly planner.
  • Set Expectations with clients…It is important to establish boundaries in your business and to make sure everyone has clear expectations and the process is easy and understood. When can they see or contact you?  How can they contact you (text, email, call, message, booking calendar, website)
  • Map out people you need to connect with. Keep a spreadsheet and track your interactions.
  • Make sure you put aside times for research and development, optimising and updating your to-do list, interviews, meetings, lunch, training, checking emails, urgent actions, actions, networking, social media, events, admin, finances, self promotion, filing, strategic alliances, quoting/follow-ups, health/wellbeing and preparation for any upcoming commitments. Remember….. these don’t need to be all done on the same day, just pre-planned.
Sometimes it takes working with a coach to get your strategy right.
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