Great morning with Chantal Gerardy who provides so much value in her 1 day facebook training workshop. Big THANK YOU Jim Neat Websites Marketing & Coaching Gold Coast

    thumb Jim Knott

    Thanks Chantal for the FB Content Workshop. I'm sure it will be very helpful to creating content for Fyrepower Fire Protection PTY LTD and support people to ensure their are fire protected.

    thumb Grazi Brugnara

    Thank you Chantal for today's Content Schedule workshop. Helping create engaging and informative content for the year for my gift retail business.

    thumb Kylie Ballis

    Just recorded a SUPER podcast with Chantal! She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does - and what's more she fantastic to work with!! I would highly recommend her! THANX CHANTAL! Podcast link -

    thumb Darren Saul

    I have been working with Chantal Gerardy for 6 or 7 weeks now, I thought it was just going to be learning Facebook! Its has been far more than that. Her systems and energy has pushed us to take a deep dive into what we do and offer as a business, plus given us great insights into potential markets we had never considered.

    thumb Russell Little

    Chantal is passionate, involved and always ready to help with your project. Thanks

    thumb Sye M.

    Chantal is such a dynamic and focused when it comes to teaching FB strategies. I am grateful to her that she understood my level of experience of SM and gave me exact amount of knowledge to use it successfully. Highly recommend!💖☺️

    thumb Tatiana Richardson

    Thank you Chantal for opening our eyes up to Facebook and all it can do for our business. We found the time spent with you extremely helpful and inspirational. Anyone who wants to get more out if social media and their business and how to incorporate the two, I would definitely recommend they spend some time with you. 🙏

    thumb Donna Jones

    My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Chantal at an industry seminar today. We were totally clueless when it came to marketing our business on fb and our presence on social media has been basically non existent. But after today, Chantal has given us the tools and confidence on how we can use social media as a vital platform to successfully market our business. We can’t wait to implement everything we have learnt today from our meeting. Chantal will equip you with the skills you need to get your business moving in the right direction. We highly recommend Chantal!

    thumb Navid Aghdam

    Attended a seminar with Chantal run by MPAQ and was mind blown by how little I actually knew about the scope of what Facebook can do for a business! For years i've been doing my best to engage potential customers on Facebook with little business coming in as a result of it. One seminar later and I've already learnt so much ... I can't wait for my first one on one session with Chantal. Now I know how much more there is to Facebook and I'm so excited to see my business grow!

    thumb Sienna Wood

    Chantal helped setup our FB page so we could connect with more people

    thumb Irene McGee

    Using Chantal to set up our business FB pages- she is a world of information that the street person would undoubtedly not be aware of- Highly recommended

    thumb Stephen McGee

    As the owner of a relatively new company BLACK CROWN Electrical I was unaware of how many people I could reach through Facebook, with the help of Chantal Gerardy I have an amazing following and business has multiplied. And she is a lot of fun to work with😆

    thumb Ben Campbell

    I really enjoyed my facebook training at Tuesdays on Tedder. Chantel explained things about facebook I had no idea about that will help me work facebook to m6 advantage for my Business I highly recommend Chantel if you require help to use facebook in your Business

    thumb Deb Norman

    Chantal is very clear and to the point... lots of pearls of wisdom. Great presentation. Thanks Chantal...😀👍💜

    thumb Maria Paterakis

    Learning to promote my business with limited knowledge of Fb was challenging and was getting nowhere! Chantal helped me get the process right and gave me guidelines to follow to succeed. .

    thumb Katherine Howat

    I had a training session with Chantal and I found her to be by far one of the best strategists around. Her knowledge is invaluable and I am already putting into place strategies to better improve my business Facebook page. Thank you again Chantal 🙂

    thumb Kelly Zago

    Chantal has shown how to leverage my Fb Page and all the content that I have to maximize and increase my sales. Also, to improve my personal account and get the right message to the right people. Great program!! Highly recommended to any business owner.

    thumb Emilio Cansing

    I loved my time with Chantal. I wasn't sure what I needed to do to get my business on the right path and there is so much info online. Sitting down with Chantal made the path clearer and achievable! I can do this! Thank you Chantal! I look forward to working with you again!

    thumb Nikki Hasicevic

    Chantal's ability to review your business and create a personalised strategy to attract and engage your perfect clients is phenomenal. Facebook is just one of the social media platforms she has assisted me with. Her knowledge and understanding of Google, LinkedIn & Instagram means you have all of your social media connections covered giving you the best chance of success.

    thumb Sheryn Ellis

    I love the 14 day Facebook challenge! It is packed full of great ideas that are easy to do and super effective. Doing the challenge got me more page likes and more paying clients... YAY! Thanks Chantal 💜

    thumb Lina Atkinson

    Valuable workshop that opened my eyes to FB. Chantal is amazing and really knows her stuff. Highly recommended.

    thumb Carolyn Mitchell

    Very informative and engaging. I have learned so much today, brilliant! Chantal is enthusiastic and passionate about what she does... and it is infectious. Thank you.

    thumb David De Torres

    Thank you for a very Informative day, easy to understand and step by step, absolutely fantastic!..🤩💗

    thumb Renate Halleen

    An amazing course if you need any help with your Facebook business. Highly recommended.

    thumb Carlene Anderson

    Thanks Chantal, I have really learnt a heap of information in your workshop today.

    thumb Graeme Walton

    Chantal knows absolutely everything there is to know about Facebook... It's mind blowing!

    thumb Natalie Haestier

    Yay! Thankyou Chantal. I didn't think strategising could be so much fun. I thought Ilka and i were doing OK with presenting our business on Facebook, but no, we were presenting a mish-mash of info! Now we are much clearer and look forward to helping many more mothers. I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders - which is exactly what i would love to do for struggling parents.

    thumb Jo Drennan

    I was overwhelmed by Facebook and there's just so much to understand. Our Business has so much amazing value to offer ,but we did not know how to streamline it all and maximise it's potential. Finding Chantal was like a breath of fresh air, her down to earth, clear, no nonsense approach was just what we needed. Chantal's real life experience in business and marketing is priceless, I have rarely found someone who can give you so much value for your business in a such a short amount of time.

    thumb Ilka Oster

    I have only been working with Chantal for a few weeks now but already I see the results I've been looking for in my Menopause coaching business, my FB group and free discovery calls. Being authentically guided in an area I didn't know much about (Facebook marketing) means I can help more women manage this inevitable yet unpredictable stage of life called Menopause in a way that aligns with my mission and vision

    thumb Deborah J King

    Amazing sessions! I learnt so much from Chantal in 2 short sessions. She has shown me how to set up my business page correctly and make sure we STAND OUT, because we are in such a competitive industry! I now understand how to make my facebook page work for me, and can do it all myself without paying for marketing companies and it is so much more personal and relevant. We can now keep building our online presence, and create content that our customers love to see. Thanks so much 🐾💙

    thumb Kylie Mackay

    Thanks Chantal for sharing your expertise. I’m going to put that newly acquired fb strategy in place and watch what happens with great anticipation! 😊

    thumb Kaz Rogers

    Extremely knowledgeable with a very effective training format. Working very effectively and easily through our sessions. As the new owner of Iluka Boatshed, Chantal's FB formulas are helping me to provide our services to our current and future clients.

    thumb Kosta Katsidis

    Gained some great tips on how to use Facebook better after attending Chantal Gerardy's 'How to make Facebook work for you' workshop today. The StartUP Stable will be invoking some new strategies and will be sharing these with all coaching clients.

    thumb Caroline Barton

    What wonderful energy & information Chantal Gerardy shared today, looking forward to passing on this content to my clients Beyond Business Consultants

    thumb Janine Fraser

    Spent the morning listing to Chantal giving her expertise and knowledge about building my business "Unique Candelabras" on Facebook. Just a wealth of knowledge!!

    thumb Heather Abbot

    Before attending today's workshop I felt "like a fish out of water", with Chantal's expertise I am now " a fish in water". Highly Recommend. Now in my business, Zero Bank Fees EFTPOS and e-commerce", i am much better placed to educate and inform my potential and existing clients

    thumb Mark Grant

    Level of knowledge and expertise that Chantel delivered today was amazing. @Coffee News will be implementing new strategies this week

    thumb Denise Maloney

    You are knowledgeable, provide real effective solutions for my facebook queries about working well for my business - Holiday International Golden Travel. Sally

    thumb Sally Chung

    Chantal is direct and to the point. I now understand what my purpose is in business facebook. Finally !!!!

    thumb Kellie Davis

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Chantal Gerardy, they were insightful, eye opening, full of helpful & relevant information. I now have a much clearer idea on Social Media Marketing, and how to make sure that i am focusing on increasing business revenue, not just getting lots of 'Likes and shares'. I now feel, that i know how to use these free tools like Facebook and Instagram way more effectively. Would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn how to use social media better for their business!

    thumb Jade Manū

    Chantal Gerardy was incredibly informative and really insightful in my session with her this morning. She was addressing matters I had not considered applying. I got so much knowledge from my time with her this morning. Before the consult, I was concerned I was going to be really overwhelmed with the information and not know how to apply it myself, but I walked away really excited and confident I could do the things we spoke about. Thank you so much Chantal.❣️🙏

    thumb Elizabeth Zielinski

    Chantal has brought passion and life back in to my Business! Her professional and friendly manner has put me at ease, and my business confidence has improved out of site. her strategies work, I have even had customers contact me within minutes of improving my page. Thankyou

    thumb Alison Dunlop

    Chantal has a wealth of knowledge about Facebook and shares her information in an easy to understand manner. 🙂

    thumb Desley Sands

    Thanks so much for helping with my Facebook Strategy for Nik Cree WordPress Specialist. I have some mistakes I need to go and fix up now to really make social media work more effectively to generate more leads and enquiries. I look forward to chatting with you further on the next stage. Thank you!

    thumb Nik Cree

    Wow, I've just learnt some really tips about Facebook. I highly recommend Chantal for her wealth of knowledge and passion in the social media space.

    thumb Paul Luxford

    Chantal Knows by Tried & Proven Methods And She genuinely wants you to Success in this ever changing world of Social Media 👋

    thumb Barbie Cawthan

    Chantal has been great at setting up our business on facebook. I own a concrete cutting business on the Gold Coast and knew nothing about facebook marketing. Highly recommended Thanks Bruce

    thumb Bruce King

    Chantal has shown me me how to improve my personal account to become a professional page with my business showing and advertising what the services I can provide potential clients 👌🏼

    thumb Brendan Harvey

    Just attended Chantal’s fb strategist 101 workshop. Brilliant !! I can now promote my business with the tools I’ve learned. Chantal makes it so easy to understand. Great workshop

    thumb Brhea Ind

    Chantal answered many of my questions about FB in a very structured organised manner. She is very knowledgable about her subject and very very patient with the different levels of expertise in the group.

    thumb Jenny Clairfayt

    I attended Chantal's Introduction to Getting more from Facebook. The thing I liked most was the practical approach and the fact that we needed to complete information "in the room". The approach is easy to follow, practical and having started, on the day, there is progress and knowledge of how to continue the journey.

    thumb Kevin Gammie

    Chantal was great at presenting her 101 workshop I got some great set up information in getting a better page

    thumb Cheryl Dyke Eagle

    Very professional and knowledgeable on all things behind the scenes in the world of FB. Great session

    thumb Matt Mulholland

    Very helpful & informative. Given me so many great strategies. Loved the one-on-one sessions!

    thumb Ellen Webber

    Amazing and so helpful! I had no idea what to expect at first but after only a couple of hours I was absolutely amazed at how much Chantal helped us. Her knowledge is excellent and she makes it so easy to understand. Alot to take in but can't wait for our next session. Highly recommend her!🙌🙂

    thumb Megan Broderick

    I went into this facebook session in a dingy and now I'm leaving on a speed boat. Chantal Gerardy has opened my eyes to Facebook and I am now armed with the knowledge to be able to help our painting business grow and flourish. Thanks Chantal Gerardy

    thumb Angelique Sheather

    I have learned SO MUCH from Chantal! She digs deep, making sure your profile is on point, and gives you strategies that actually WORK. She has helped put my business on the right track, and keeps me accountable. I appreciate the amount of energy and hard work she puts in to make sure I get the most out of our sessions together. Thank you!

    thumb Jessica Buntrock

    I took advantage of a free call with Chantal today, in that call I received so much more value and advice that I’ve come away super excited! I’ve already started putting into action Chantal’s advice, I can’t believe one free chat can have so much affect. If you haven’t taken advantage of Chantal’s feee call your crazy. I highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you so so much Chantal, truely appreciate our chat today.

    thumb Kerrie L Christe

    For years I have been going to allocate the time to teach myself the in’s and out’s of Facebook and build my profile. With 3 children, a farm and a husband who's busy working… I was dreaming. Then I connected with Chantal…and the timing has been perfect! The time and energy it would have taken me to research and then figure it all out…would never have happened. The content I have received has been so much more valuable than I could have ever imagined and I have only had my 1st session! From focussing on my profile, my brand and who I truly am, I am now feeling empowered and stepping into my power to share my light with others. With the knowledge and tools Chantal has shared with me, I am excited and inspired for the momentum I will be creating. From deep in my heart…thank you Chantal for openly sharing your knowledge, experiences and wisdom with me and being available to the world.

    thumb Kylie Dean

    5 star review  How smart is this lady .. opened my eyes up about all the “must know” tips and tools with fb. I really needed to get my Business Page sorted .. the reach should be bigger now .. yah .. more people that want what I offer .. thank you Chantal �

    thumb Anita May Coy

    Had a fantastic morning learning new ways to approach face book! WOW - so much to learn... I can use it to grow my business rather than just a method of keeping in contact with others. Thank you Chantal Gerardy

    thumb Martine Gautier

    Thank you Chantal for an amazing session. I never understood the importance of Facebook in my business until today. I look forward to implementing facebook into my marketing strategy for next year. Thank you again and I look forward to the next content session!

    thumb Lucy Kanda

    I love Chantal’s enthusiasm for helping others and her broad level of knowledge. It was great doing her workshop today to help get me on track with my business goals, particularly in regards to branding and looking at my target audience. Thanks Chantal!

    thumb Shannon Fay

    Kickass is an understatement. Heaps of content and major insights on how I can improve my FB presence. Thanks Chantal Gerardy so much appreciate your passion and commitment to sharing what you know.

    thumb Pam Siddins

    Chantal is an awesome FB coach. I was struggling with overwhelm, of what to do, with so many different courses and advice from others. Chantal, in my first session, gave me an overview of my page and showed me that people couldn't even get in touch if they wanted to, and tidied it all up to look great. Simple, fast and effective. In our second session we were able to market my event for free, and I learnt how to put my business in front of the right people and reach a wider audience. I highly recommend her, great value for money, as she really knows how to use FB to market at NO COST.

    thumb Karen Clark

    This is the second course I've done with Chantal and both times I've learnt so much ... being able to take away a solid base to work from is fantastic

    thumb Deb Parker

    Fantastic workshop today Chantal, great content and information. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn to use Facebook properly.

    thumb Tracy Francis

    🎉OMG 🎉Chantal is a social media angel 😇 thank you for your expertise in setting up my business page and group. I’m so excited now have an action plan to move forward. Your knowledge is totally invaluable to me 💐

    thumb Alyca Amery

    Chantal has a great knowledge of how to beat the facebook algorithms and make Facebook work for your business.

    thumb Melissa Groom