The Hedgehog concept

The hedgehog is perfectly built with these big prickles around him. And he knows what he wants – he’s so focused. If anyone comes and gets in the way he rolls up in a tight little ball and he sticks out his little spikes. And what happens is the fox will come along and see this little ball of spikes and move on to easier pickings.

I thought that this analogy was pretty cool because some of us need to be a little bit more like a hedgehog.  We need to understand where our attention is, and we need to suffer a lot less from the shiny light syndrome.  

We get so many opportunities and sometimes we go, oh, well, this just came to me so easily. It must be right for me.  Not necessarily, because with social media right now, there is just so much inside your face and so much access to everything. So, it’s really important that we have our prickles and we have our intentions and that we are prepared to roll up in a little ball.  If something is not right for you at that moment just deflected and push it away from you.

In every decision, it could be someone asking you to be on their podcast or wanting you to join a summit or even qualifying leads or any other opportunity that comes it’s important for you to know if that thing is going to help you be more impactful or not.  Is it going to help you to get to where you want to be?

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