Three tips to creating a persuasive opt-in.


Ideally, we want a simple solution to a specific problem. Basically, it’s foreplay. It’s a taste of your expertise – a tidbit. Do not be fluffy, it is supposed to be impactful and useful. If you try and address too many problems at once it becomes overwhelming and people will be scared off.  Your title is also super important. So, for example, I might put it out on Facebook and say, “Hey, you would like my three tips to creating a persuasive opt-in that gets you sales?”

# 2

Keep it simple – stupid.  Meaning it’s got to be pretty and easy to use. Bigger isn’t always better. It must be doable and easy to understand by the person who’s giving you the email address. If you use complicated terms that they don’t understand, and it is confusing, they are not going to try it.  They are going to feel stupid, and you’ve lost somebody.

Unfortunately, I find that this happens, sometimes, no disrespect. But it can happen quite a lot with the woo-woo feminine thing, when they start talking about feminine energy etc and they forget that the person that they talking to is still a virgin and they don’t get it yet. So avoid using language that is going to go over their heads.  Remember to meet them where they are at. Make it easy to understand and easy to implement – completely do-able. If it needs explaining then you have missed the point.  

And, please, it has to be printable, this drives me nuts. When somebody sends you something, and the back is black, or and the writing is gold, or the whole thing is navy blue with white writing.  Yes, it looks pretty, but many people print it out and want to read it and do it. So it needs to be printable. And it needs to have your contact details on it. Because if there are going to share it around, which people do, you want to make sure that your details are on there.


The customer needs to be in mind, it has to be their journey focused on.  Whatever their journey is, it has to be logical to that one person. How did you get them to the point of putting in the email address? If you were talking about pots and pans, then you send them to a landing page that says, “Please put in your email address to find out about kitchen counters”. You’ve lost them.

The subject line has to make sense. The email has to make sense of what it is. And then the nurture sequence. And the follow up all has to make sense. Exactly like you were having a two-way conversation. You want to build trust, show your expertise, credibility and social proof.  

You’ve given them something,  what do you want them to do with that something? email back questions? book a call? subscribe to my webinar? Whatever it is, it needs to have a big button.

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