If you want to increase your conversions you need to start with increasing your leads. To do this you need to increase your traffic, your sources, your channels, your opportunities. It means you have to be talking to so many more people as well.  Let’s say your conversion rate 10 out of a hundred. That means you will convert 10 people out of a hundred that you talk to. So, if you want 20 conversions you need to be prepared to speak to 200 people.  

I came up with 12 traffic sources – I am sure there are many more

1.   Affiliations, for example, if you bring on a client for me I’ll give you 10% of whatever it is. So, its basically it’s word of mouth. So, finding people who have the same audience, but not in competition and meeting with them on a regular basis to be able to cross refer – you refer people to me, I refer people to you.

2.   Social media

3.   Video / LIVES

4.   User generated content

5.   Email marketing – It would be beneficial to add those 90 people that didn’t sign up to a nurture sequence.  I’ve had people who after five years of being on my email marketing list, sign up to my program. So, don’t write them off, having an email list. You can continue to nurture them.

6.   Awards, having awards in your business is a great way to add credibility

7.   Guest blogs – this is a great way to get your name out there. 

8.   Radio, getting on the radio station. Find radio stations that have your audience and put yourself in front of them. And that usually starts with telling your story because they don’t want you to pitch, but they do want you to share your story. It is your story that will get you winning awards and on radio and on TV.

9.   TV. Making sure that you have a media kit on your website or your story ready with a couple of topics that you are prepared to talk on and your points of difference so that you can create TV opportunity.

10.  Magazines, online magazines or in print magazines. So, these are traffic sources because when you’re in that magazine, people open the magazine, they read your article and then they come and they find you writing a book or being a guest contributor to a book.

11.  Joint ventures can also be beneficial, as long as the benefit is truly mutual. Collabs

12.  Podcasting – Host a podcast or appear on podcasts

13.  Webinars

14.  Events

15.  Speaking – I personally have never benefitted from summits but others have found them helpful.

16.  Markets/expos – this one is probably more beneficial to product-based businesses.

17.  Networking

18.  Ref partners

19.  Competitions

20.  Challenges

21.  Optins

22.  Giveaways

23.  Book a call

24.  Contact us / Enquiry Form

25.  Quiz

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