Webinar follow up strategy

Webinar follow up strategy

Having a webinar is a great way of creating awareness and generating leads.  But having a follow-up strategy is essential to get the most out of that webinar.
Here are my strategy tips
  • Make yourself available for calls after the webinar.  They are there and they are hot, get them on a call right away.  This is the time to grab them with your sales call.
  • Save the webinar on YouTube immediately and share the link with all those who registered.
  • Then go to your registration list and mark who was there and who was not. 
  • For those who did not make it send them a recording – they were interested enough to have registered, don’t let them go cold.  Remind them about the next webinar.
  • For those that did, thank them and ask them if they need any further assistance – It is important to keep the communication lines open.

Think of it as dating, if interest is shown keep nurturing that relationship.  If that person has registered and attended your webinar it means they are already very interested – don’t let them getaway.  It is a lot easier to nurture a hot lead than to do a cold call.

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